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Peter FitzSimons takes aim at schoolboy campaigning for nuclear energy with scathing Twitter post.

  • William Shackel campaigns for nuclear power 
  • He has been criticised by Peter FitzSimons 
  • Journalist slammed ‘expensive’ nuclear energy 


Peter FitzSimons has called out a young Aussie teen for campaigning for nuclear energy

Year 11 Brisbane boy William Shackel, 16, has drawn national publicity in recent months with his Nuclear for Australia campaign group. 

Nuclear for Australia is an (?) independent, non-registered information campaign that advocates for the ban on nuclear energy in Australia to be lifted.

William posted a video on social media on Sunday documenting a trip to Canberra, where he is hoping to present a petition to parliament. 

FitzSimons praised the young activist’s passion but claimed it had been ‘misplaced’ as he addressed the video in a Twitter post on Monday.

‘Onya for your passion, young man, as misplaced as it is. I stand to be corrected, but is nuclear energy not most expensive to produce?’ he wrote.

‘Why do that, when renewables are blooming, and cheap? Takes 10 years to build? ANYONE out there, who would welcome big or mini-reactor nearby?’

William outlined his support for nuclear power in an interview last Tuesday.  

‘Nuclear is a really unique solution because unlike fossil fuels, nuclear is safe and it is clean,’ he told 6 News………………………………………………………


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