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Property values in Kimba? Not so good, since the town agreed to host a nuclear waste dump

Paul Waldon 23 May 23

When the fear of nuclear waste came to Kimba, the nuclear coterie commission a report.

“Points of claim taken from, The University of Queensland, final report November 2018.”

• Value in the residential housing market has fallen by 30-40% over the past 5 years

• As of July 2018, 35 residential properties were listed for sale compared with an historical average of 10-15.

• Perceptions are that not many people are moving to Kimba from outside the wider region.

The rental market is currently stagnant, with local landlords indicating a reduction of over 10- 20% in weekly rental rates required to attract tenants

• No new residential housing construction has occurred in the past 3 year

This is a sign of a town floundering, a town dying, a town with no future as long as it embraces the ideal of nuclear waste.


May 23, 2023 - Posted by | business, South Australia

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