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TODAY. It’s the CLIMATE, stupid!

The Southern Overturning Circulation is slowing down, because of the rapidly melting ice around Antarctica. What does this mean?

It means a speed-up of climate effects (double the speed of the effects of slowing down of the better-known Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) from the Arctic ). Rapid sea-level rise, changed rain patterns in tropical areas, drastic loss of nutrients essential for marine life – effects will occur within the next few decades.

Why is this not the top news story around the world? The whole process might not now be stopped – but what is so important is that it could be slowed, if homo-not-very-sapiens stopped pouring carbon into the atmosphere.

Why are we swallowing the propaganda about STEM education – with its focus on Technology and Engineering? That focus should be on Temperature and Ecology – not on how to do big industrial stuff, but on how to maintain our planet home, – and whether or not we should be doing big industrial stuff, (including costly, wasteful narcissistic adventuring to Mars.)

I have been focussing on the nuclear industry, But in reality, nuclear is irrelevant to our big threat – Global Heating.

The one important relevance is in regard to Truth and Lies. The propaganda now prevailing from the nuclear lobby is the biggest example of lying. If the world can be persuaded to believe that nuclear spin-rubbish – then any lie can prevail. And that includes the omissions, half-truths, and lies that tell us that climate change doesn’t matter.


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