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Ionising radiation – the forgotten health disaster – theme for October 21

Today, it is fashionable to ingore the topic of ionising radiation. Indeed, as Australia moves towards proudly(?) becoming a part of the global nuclear chain, with the government’s rather vague plan to get nuclear submarines, the last thing anybody wants to talk about is nuclear radiation.

Australia has a sad history of prioritsing ”defence” and ”industry” over health. So, we ignored the health effects of atomic bomb tgests in the 1950s and 60s – the ”black rain” that fell on Aboriginal people (heck our government pretended that those people were not even there!). We ignored the health of uranium miners, and of the environment around uranium mines (still toxic to this day) In the interests of the uranium industry, to this day, it seems bad form for an Australian to talk about ionising radiation.

At the same time, Australia is in a panic over tiny viruses that can cause ill-health very quickly. It seems OK to ignore tiny radioactive particles that can cause illness and death decades later – especially as they affect children and women more than they affect men. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of radiation than adults (little girls are twice as sensitive as boys) and fetuses are thousands of times more sensitive – one X ray to the pregnant abdomen doubles the incidence of leukemia in the childHelen Caldicott,)

Worldwide, in the interests of the nuclear industry, and their paid politicians, there has been a concerted effort to NOT do the necessary laboratory and epidemiological research to clearly show the effects of nuclear activities on human health. One glaring example is that in what little research is encouraged, they’ll study the effcts of external radiation, – such as the waves of radioactive particles hitting people from an explosion – (e.g. Hiroshima, Fukushima) , but not the effects of longlasting internal radiation, – that is, of radioactive particles breathed in, or swallowed.

Today the big thing is – Wow – Australia’s going to ?grow up – join the global nuclear push! It is timely now to remember that slow global threat of ionising radiation. As Helen Caldicott has put it – ‘‘Recommending nuclear power as a solution to climate change is like recommending smoking as a solution to obesity’

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Auustralia’s Nuclear submarines will be obsolete- this week we focus on the AUKUS submarine mess

Why will they be obsolete?

Because of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), detection systems and signal processing, combined with swarming autonomous unmanned systems – by 2040 these present USA and UK models will probably be too easily detectable, and so, effectively useless.

Why does Australia want nuclear submarines?

  • So that America can use them to patrol South China Sea as part of uSA’s increased military presence
  • So that Scott Morrison can push the fear of China message heading for the khaki election.
  • Other reasons – helping the USA by buying these very costly submarines which are not particularly useful for monitoring our coastline, but good for long distance. Helping Scott Morrison to look important on the world stage.

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    Scott Morrison’s decision on nuclear submarines is his first foray into the murly world of Khaki electioneering. A pity that Joe Biden doesn’t even remember Morrison’s name. But no matter -the big thing is to sell super expensive U.S. nuclear technology to a willing, if somewhat ignorant and unimporrtant customer.

    During the coming week, this website will feature the various aspects of this extraordinarily unwise decision, (while not ignoring other important Australian nuclear issues.)

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    On the positive side – heading for a better and a nuclear-free, world – theme for September 21

    It’s time to recognise the positive developments – towards a clean and more just world. And time to turn away from the corporate spin of the polluters and nuclear lobbyists.

    The the world is finally realising the urgency of the existential threat of global heating. Meanwhile the polluting corporative partners, fossil fuel and nuclear industries, now redouble their spin to the public,

    And, don’t let’s forget, most of the mainstream media is owned by corporations that also have interests in those polluting industries.

    We need to acknowledge the good stuff that’s happening. We also need to turn our attention to those independent voices – the ones who seek out and explain both the facts about the dirty industries, and the positive developments leaving those industries behind.

    Great work is being done towards energy conservation, and truly clean energy technologies, and environmental protection. On this page, I’m confining the story to the work of the nuclear-free movement .

    Starting out with opposition to nuclear weapons, the movement broadened to opposing the nuclear industry as a whole.  Major anti-nuclear groups include Sortir du Nucleaire, Greenpeace International, Campaign for Nuclear DisarmamentFriends of the EarthGreenpeace Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear WarPeace Action and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Ploughshares Fund

    There are many others across the world, including in Russia and China.

    You might think that the nuclear-free movement has failed, especially given the proliferation of nuclear weapons. But the organised protests and work of the movement has had, and continues to have, some success. Most countries do not have nuclear power. Several advanced countries remain opposed to nuclear power – Australia, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Norway . Over the decades, activist movements have led to the stopping of atmospheric nuclear bomb tests, and the prevention of nunerous nuclear power projects.

    Importantly, nuclear energy has been excluded from the Green Zone at the COP26 Climate Summit.

    Also importantly , the USA Nuclear Regulatory Commision reaffirms the standard that low dose ionising radiation is bad for your health, and rejects the nuclear industry’s petition to weaken that standad.

    The work continues, with the most important recent development – the UN Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons . Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are in lockstep – a fact quite openly acknowledged now, even boasted about, by the industry.

    The nuclear-free movement works alongside the clean energy movement. On the world stage, the challenge is to keep real climate action in the COP26 climate conference in November, without nuclear. Locally, the clean fight is fought by communities around the world, especially indigenous people, who are always the victims of nuclear bomb tests and waste dumping.

    Most mainstream writers, and some academics, are caught up in the pro nuclear spin.

    Look for the fine writers who really seek the truth, A few examples – M.V. Ramana, Helen Caldicott, Jim Green, Mary OLson, Gordon Edwards Alice Slater Arnie Gundersen, Libbe Halevy, Diesendorf, Mark , Beatrice Fihn, Lovins, Amory B. Eric_Schlosser and for song – Caitlin Johnstone………

    You will note that women are prominent in the truth-seeking writers. They have been dramatically absent from the push for nuclear weapons, (though a few women are now ostentatiously promoted by the desperate nuclear industry)

    This little website has a very small readership. But we are still here, and trust our readers to spread the information. And we will keep on promoting the work of the honest seekers after truth, through this site, and via my weekly email newsletter.

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    A positive outlook for Australia’s clean climate, nuclear-free, future- theme for September 21

    As we head towards the Climate Summit, COP26 in Glascow, Australia ought to have a pivotal role to play in discussions on climate action. Unfortunately we have a federal government, and mass media, in the thrall of the polluting industries. Australians who care about their children’s future might well be ashamed.

    However, there is cause for optimism. The Australian public is aware and wants action on climate change. A national poll, reported on August 30, shows that in every single electorate across the land, voters want more government action on climate change. Whoever is sent by the government to COP26 to muddy the waters on climate action, will not be representing Australians asa whole.

    Meanwhile, Australians are taking up clean reneweable energy with enthusiasm. Reports on 31 August show the rapid growth in rooftop solar, ”AEMO forecasts rooftop solar would continue its boom and by 2026 would on its own supply 77 per cent of the demand in the National Electricity Market during the day.” ”Australia’s energy transition really does continue at pace and now our base case forecast by 2025 is the national electricity market can be supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy,

    Australians have a proud history of environmental action. Particularly in relation to nuclear issues. We have, as Professor Ian Lowe puts it ”dodged a bullet” in rejecting nuclear power. Australians have been foremost in the nuclear disarmament movement, more recently in initiating The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) , which brought about the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

    Both in small local groups, and in organisations, (Friends of the Earth, Australian Conservation Foundation, ICAN, Extinction Rebellion, and more) there’s a wellspring of enthusiasm for saving the environment, and bringing about a nuclear-free world.

    We now know that ”peaceful” nuclear power is absolutely connected to nuclear weapons (indeed, the nuclear industry now boasts of that). We also know that the nuclear industry is flat out publicising itself as ”clean and green”. A global task is to keep that dirty and dangerous industry out of the climate action policies to be decided on at COP26.

    Australians have a role in local action to keep this country clean and nuclear-free, and also in joining with international non-government organisations in the global environmental movement.

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    From Hiroshima to climate apocalypse – the consummate NUCLEAR LIES- theme for August 2021

    It began with the atrocity of Hiroshima, which continued the lie that it’s OK to massacre children, women and men. Then the specific nuclear lies about the reason for this particular bombing , then the lie about ”peaceful nukes” and on until today’s big lie – that ”nuclear is essential to save the climate”.

    IF this nuclear lie is allowed to prevail, especially at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference in November, the official climate action movement will have no credibility.

    Money, time, effort put into nuclear energy development is money, time and effort taken away from genuine action to combat and to adapt to global heating- energy conservation, and renewable energy technologies.

    It is also money put into nuclear weaponry – because so-called ”commercial” nuclear power is economically unviable, is really just a mask for nuclear weaponry, – – on land, sea, in sky, and space

    But – LET’S PRETEND THAT NUCLEAR ENERGY REALLY CAN COMBAT GLOBAL HEATING. But oh, what a pity! – the most recent research predicts that climate change will become irreversible by 2027 – 2042.

    That means that we have only, at best, 20 years to switch from coal, and gas to carbon-free electricity.

    The world would need 1000s of ‘conventional’ nuclear reactors to provide even a partially effective solution, and many 1000s of small nuclear reactors. There is no possibility of achieving that with 50 years, let alone 20. Renewables can be set up within months to a few years. (Nuclear development would be a costly and wasteful distraction).

    NUCLEAR POWER INCREASES GLOBAL HEATING. The entire nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining through to wastes burial, is highly carbon emitting.

    Meanwile, the nuclear industry, so called ”emissions-free” emits ionising radiation, harmful to health and environment.

    The industry’s dangers and role in creasing weapons and the danger of apocalyptic nuclear war, make it totally unsuitable and indeed counter-productive , for inclusion in any climate change action strategy.

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    Australia must reject nuclear lobby lies about Hiroshima, Nagasaki, AND climate change – theme for August 21

    Australia is traditionally very vulnerable to nuclear lobby propaganda . Like the USA, Australia swallowd the story that the atomic bombings in 1845 were essential, to end the war. For Australia this was also seen as essential to save this country from invasion. Historian now genersally agree that the bombings were done in a hurry, because the war was ending, -the purpose was to frighten Soviet Russia with the threat of nuclear bombing

    The video below is not new – it was made in 2016 – but the facts remain the same

    This was the first big nuclear lie. It was followed quickly by the lie about ‘peaceful nukes’ (It is now openly recognised that the ‘peaceful’nuclear industry is absolutely connected to the nuclear weapons industry.

    Today – there is an equally big lie being broadcast around the world – that new nuclear power will solve climate change.

    A particularly absurd version of that climate lie is now being pushed by Australian politicians and others bought by the nuclear industry. The idea is that an enormous number highly expensive small nuclear reactors, which cannot possibly be up and running for at leat 30 years, will combat global heating – when the need for action is NOW.

    Even despite the Morrison government’s love affair with fossil fuel industries, Australia is already taking up renewable technologies, and is reducing carbon emissions. Australia cannot afford to derail the process of energy conservation, and clean energy, by believing the nuclear lie, and directing its efforts away from genuine climate action.

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    The world should stop tiny invisible killer radioactive particles – just as dangerous as tiny invisible killer coronaviruses – theme for July 2021

    Why on earth are we so complacent about ionising radiation from nuclear activities –  at the same time as the world is in uproar over the pandemic?

    Is it because we don’t mind a plague of cancers, other illnesses and birth defects coming not immediately, but affecting people years later –  our grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

    Tiny invisible little viruses float about the air, near people who have the COVID-19 infection, or they settle on people’s hands, on objects – ever ready to be picked up by more people.  Almost certainly, this virus started by jumping from wild bats to humans.

    So the epidemiologists now work to trace the movement, the dispersal of the infection – and world-wide maps of COVID illness clusters are identified. The goal is to stop the present global illness, with its many deaths.

    Equally, tiny particles from nuclear activities, uranium mining and milling, reactors, wastes, nuclear weapons making, nuclear bomb tests – have floated about the atmosphere, and continue to do so, reaching living creatures, and settling in water and on land. With contact, especially inhaling or ingesting these, the results are birth defects, cancer and other illnesses.   Not an urgent problem? After all, it is usually only after years of exposure, that people develop these illnesses.

    Where are the epidemiologists tracing the dispersal of the radioactive particles, and the resultant sicknesses and deaths?

    And, these particles came, not from bats, but from a very lucrative human industry.  So lucrative, that all the banks, universities, governments and other backers involved do not want the epidemiological research that would expose this global horror.

    As the world wakes up to the urgent need for research and international action on Coronavirus, it is time for international action to stop the global radiation-caused epidemic, and the nuclear activities that produced it.

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    Australia is spending $billions to fight tiny killer coronaviruses. Australia should be equally worried about tiny killer nuclear particles- theme for July 2021

    Australia ought to have extensive knowledge on the effects of ionising radiation.   Britain exploded 12 major nuclear bombs and 29 smaller ones in Australia and some neighbouring islands, in the 1950s.   The resulting clouds of radiation would have affected especially indigenous people, Aborigines, Islanders, and also soldiers, and the white population.

    Was any epidemiological research done on these populations?   No, there was not.

    Australia has had 13 uranium mines, 3 still in operation. It’s not as if the old ones have been thoroughly cleaned up.  Ionising radiation from these mines would have affected miners, the mining community, and Aboriginal communities, and may still be affecting them.

    Was any epidemiological research done on the health of these populations?  No, there was not.

    This is  why the nuclear lobby can say, confidently –  there is no evidence of harm to health in Australia, from low level ionising radiation.

    Plenty of other evidence of individual cases – but these can be brushed off as “anecdotal”.

    As the the Australian government plans a radioactive waste dump on agricultural land, and the global nuclear industry successfully lobbies some Australian politicians, it is time to genuinely examine the research that has been done, in other countries.   We pay attention to epidemiology about tiny viruses, why not to epidemiology about tiny radioactive particles?

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    Exactly who is trumpeting nuclear power as a cure for climate change? – theme for June 21

    Well, understandably, it starts with the nuclear industry itself, faced with the reality that now, the only real reason for its continued existence is nuclear weapons. It’s the nuclear power and the nuclear weapons companies.

    It’s the global array of nuclear -associated agencies – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the rest of them, in each nuclear country.

    And don’t forget those billionaire gurus – Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson – who use their wealth to promote their own businesses in new nuclear toys

    So, don’t be surprised to hear nuclear power executives, nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers and chemists extolling the glory of nuclear power – their careers are in danger!

    Their best argument ”Only we, with our superior technical knowledge are capable of having an opinion on this matter”

    POLITICIANS. In the USA no President can to be elected without the backing of the nuclear industry. The same surely applies for political leaders in other nuclear nations. Many politicians depend on nuclear industry support, to get elected and stay there.

    MEDIA. The nuclear lobby has done a great job of convincing many journalists that they can’t really understand matters nuclear. So, for journalists, the safest course is to just regurgitate the industry handouts. Those who do have confidence often know that their corporate employers have interests in the nuclear-and coal industries.

    ACADEMIA. and RESEARCH. Many universities have been, to a degree, bought by the nuclear industry.

    BANKS and other financial bodies invest in nuclear power, or, better still, nuclear weapons,

    THE ARTS. As with corporations through the past century, nuclear corporations have funded all sorts of arts bodies, – so co-opting their support.

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    Whom to trust on nuclear matters – just ask yourself “What’s in it for whom? – theme for June 21

    The facts on the nuclear industry are shrouded in secrecy and jargon.

    What we do know is that many people and many communities rely on this industry for jobs and economic security (until they can’t anymore). But this dependence on an industry does not make it good.

    So – whom to rely on for a judgment about nuclear power, [with its partner twin, nuclear weapons?]

    Well, the current respected”authorities” on the nuclear industry are billionaire celebrities, officials of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), government department heads, chiefs of nuclear companies. They know best [?]

    There are scores of other highly qualified persons who decry the nuclear industry, on the grounds of radiation dangers, safety, health, environmental risks, climate change threats, security, weapons proliferation, terrorism, and oh – that most compelling issue – costs.

    Well, the nuclear proponents have one clear way to refute all those people – ‘‘they are not nuclear physicists or engineers, and therefore cannot understand nuclear matters’‘ [only – some of them ARE nuclear physicists]

    The mainstream media makes sure to (a) ignore those critics of nuclear power, or (b) depict them as cranks or unhinged leffties.

    These are just a few of these often maligned critics:

    Dr Helen Caldicott author, Michael E Mann, climatologist and geophysicist, Dr Paul Dorfman, science researcher.  Arjun Makhijani, nuclear physicist, Dr Chris Busby, radiation expert Dr Ian Fairlea, radiation consultant. Arnold Gunderson, nuclear engineer, Beatrice Fihn -chief of ICAN. Mary OLson, expert on radiation effects on women. Dr Timothy Mousseau, ecologist Dr Jim Green, public health expert, Linda Gunter, nuclear media commentator. Dr Gordon Edwards, nuclear science consultant. Karl Grossman – Professor of journalism Bruce Gagnon – Researcher on space issues.

    There are many more

    Now let’s turn to the nuclear industry promoters. All too well known are the celebrity billionaires, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. They have remarkable influence and access to media. (Example – Bill Gates’ targeted gifting to media) They also have commercial interests in nuclear technology.

    Less celebrated names, but still very influential, are the voices from the industry itself, and from politicians friendly to the industry (?campaign-funded by the industry).

    I have long been grateful to the scientist and Nobel Prize winner Dr George Wald for the message he gave on whom one should believe, about nuclear power. He said –

    Just ask yourself – ”What’s in it for whom”

    Police raid nuclear expert Dr Chris Busby’s Bideford home with absurd story he’s a bomb-maker (YOUTUBE)

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    The nuclear menace from under the seas and from high in the sky- theme for May 21

    Why would anyone persist in pushing Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) and pretending that they can solve climate change, when they clearly cannot?

    Well, the answer is – if you’re a toxic macho nuclear zealot or a nuclear weapons corporation – ( Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and General Dynamics etc)- this myth about SMRs is manna from heaven.

    It means that the tax-payer, not private enterprise investors, will take over the SMR push – and the military-industrial-complex will race away with nuclear sites and weapons in space, and with powerful killer nuclear submarines.

    Meanwhile those billionaire nuclear gurus – Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, , Richard Branson, Jack Ma and othes , will be laughing all the way to the bank, as they promote ”peaceful, nuclear-powered” space travel.

    The global media promotes the joy and delight of space travel, rarely acknowledging its intimate connection with militarism. And there’s a crazy sort of national pride – hubris in being in the space race.

    The space race to what? Apart from the obvious – nuclear war and annihilation, there’s the danger of ecosystem plutonium pollution from accidents and leaks, drastic accidents, and the gobbling up of public funds that might otherwise go to the public good – health, education, welfare, climate ation – heck – even good international relations!

    The USA and Russia have long been in a toxic competition to militarily control the world especially by nuclear submarines. There’s a strange and unwarranted confidence that nuclerar submarines are ”clean” and somehow ”safe”. That’s because they release their radioactive trash unseen, into the world’s ocean waters. When they have an accident, well they just sink, and their poisonous mess is invisible. Dead nuclear submarines seem to be no trouble, hidden on the sea floor. Now that the world has become (a bit) aware of the radioactive danger of nuclear submarines, the dead ones lie in port, as nobody really knows what to do with them, how to clean up the nuclear mess.

    In this time of pandemic, it is urgently necessary to put the brakes on NATO, and Russia – in regard to the increasing danger to the world, of nuclear submarines. Even more than cruise ships, they can be a hot-bed of coronavirus – making them even more unsafe in a number of ways.

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    Australia sleepwalks towards nuclear war – enthusiasm for nuclear rockets and submarines.

    Small nuclear reactors (SMRs) are being pitched to Australians as ”climate salvation”, ”cheap electricity” etc. Of course this is nonsense. But the toxic macho nuclear zealots are confident that SMRs will have a great future in nuclear wars on land, on sea, in space.

    SPACE: Australia’s ”cultural cringe” is so obvious, in the fervour for space research. Breathless enthusiasm in media coverage of rockets, space exploration . Yet the truth is that Australian space research is tied to America’s goal of militarising space. We hold events like The Australian International Aerospace and Defence Exposition – pitched as family entertainment:

    ”THE AIRSHOW  will feature the raw potency and power of modern military aviation. The thrust and grunt of the latest military heavy metal will take centre stage. The stars of the show will be state-of-the-art jet fighters, bombers and giant heavy lift leviathans from home and abroad. See them so close you could almost touch them. Shudder to the roar of their mighty jet turbines as they perform high octane routines and simulated combat manoeuvres. Marvel as swarms of attack helicopters join in the fray.

    Of course, if we can help the American drive for weapons in space, it is all the better to have the tax-payer fund our space research.

    SUBMARINES. Australia’s nuclear zealots have long been working away for nuclear submarines…… way before the so-called ”neutral” nuclear military fan Kevin Scarce was made head of the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission, in 2016.

    A push for nuclear submarines has been part of Australia’s appalling history of submarine deals in recent years. Part of this mess was recently exposed by Michelle Fahy in Murder, corruption, bombings – the company at centre of Australia’s submarine deal. But the whole sorry tale goes further. It probably explains why the Australian government chose the super costly French submarine design – in the hopes that it could easily be transformed from a diesal to a nuclear -powered form.

    Impelled by the very right-wing Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the push continues. Academia is co-opted, as The University of New South Wales joins with the Submarine Institute to promote nuclear submarines in a July 15 Canberra seminar. The speakers include well known nuclear propagandists Tom Frame, Kevin Scarce, and Hugh White.

    Tom Frame has also recently published a book, rapturously received by the nuclear lobby, enthusing about nuclear submarines, and recommending them as Australia’s way into the full nuclear fuel chain, and into the space race .

    With Australia’s Murdoch media monopoly, and the ever-weakening ABC, the public is unaware of these machinations towards Australia’s role in nuclear militarism. The push for small nuclear reactors is the starting point.

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    The nuclear industry is a global threat, just like climate change and the pandemic – theme for April 21

    Leaders of nations are slow to wake up to what many normal people have known – we share this planet. Its big problems are global, and need to be addressed globally.

    The pandemic is a telling illustration of this – squabbles over how it started, and over vaccines. But leaders are slowly realising that economic life will not really get going while Covid-19 is raging in other countries.

    Climate change is an even more serious example, with its effects not all predictable. But poor countries take the brunt of what has been caused by rich countries.

    Somehow, inexplicably lurking in the background is the terrible danger of the nuclear industry.

    The nuclear industry is in a way more dangerous, more sinister than the other two – because it is very corrupt, and is managing to put it over governments – posing as the ”solution” to climate change.

    A global cabal of toxic masculinity, this crooked industry is run by nuclear ‘cowboys’ – keen to take the safety risks, the weapons proliferation risks, the apocalyptic war risks, not only on earth but in space, and on other planets. And they manage this confidence trick at tax-payers’ expense. The nuclear nations beef up their weapons ‘ industry, with public funds that are not going to the health and well-being of their populations.

    Fortunately there are international organisations that work for global action – a good example being ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

    It is time for the nuclear-free organisations to work together, globally, to counteract the nuclear industry. That’s a hard call, as the nuclear industry has the money, the influence, the ruthless crookedness to impose its will on governments and media.

    The nuclear free movement, with its predominantly indigenous members, lacks mopney and influence. Still, the nuclear-free movement has some powerful advantages – intelligent expertise, integrity and determination.

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    Hiroshima 1945, Fukushima 2011, – Japan’s nuclear horrors – theme for March 21

    As World War 2 neared its end, with 20 million Russian soldiers killed, fighting with the Allies against Hitler, America’s government was already planning its military superiority over Russia.

    What they needed was to demonstrate  a weapon of huge mass destruction, that would frighten the Russians.   Germany surrendered on 7 May 1945. Too late to try one out on Germany , but Japan was still in the war, (though near to giving up). So they had to hurry.  Japan would be the test case –  selecting the city of Hiroshima , both to test the effects of atomic bombing, and to show the Russians, on August 6th.  To emphasise the USA’s military superiority, they plutonium bombed Nagasaki 3 days later.

    After the war, how to get Japan ”on side” against Russia , and equally important, to show the Japanese that nuclear is really quite good.? USA helped Japan to now get an ‘economic miracle’, and better still, give Japan the benefit of ‘good nukes’.

    To these crowded, seismically dangerous Japanese islands, USA promoted clusters of nuclear power stations.  The nuclear industry’s image was miraculously enhanced –  to Japan, and to the world.

    BUT, 66 years later, Japan suffered another disastous nuclear blow, with the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power station. With the 10 year anniversary of this disaster, on March 11, the real cleanup is nowhere in sight, vast amounts of contaminated water are still accumulating, areas are uninahitable, and most evacuees don’t want to return. Radioactive pollution in forests is still a problem.

    Sad to reflect that this one country, Japan, has suffered two great nuclear horrors – 75 years apart, with the tragic effects of both continuing.  The world needs, not a celebratory, cosmetic, Olympic Games, but real international help for the people of Fukushima, and for the environmental remediation. Japan needs help to shut down the toxic nuclear industry and move to clean energy

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