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Australia’s Previous Chief Scientist spells it out on global warming

Repeating this item. What a pity that the excellent full article has been removed from the Australian government website!

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Australian Government 8 Dec 09 Despite world attention, humans emit more greenhouse gases every year than they did the year before. It’s a situation that Australia needs to help turn around if we don’t want to bear the brunt of climate change, says Chief Scientist Professor Penny Sackett……

..The Greenhouse Effect
The sun continuously bathes the Earth with energy in the form of sunlight. Much of this energy is absorbed by the Earth, and then emitted as infrared radiation, or heat. Greenhouse gases prevent the Earth from discarding as much of this heat as it otherwise would back into space.

Without naturally occurring greenhouse gases, the Earth would be a much colder place, inhospitable to modern human existence. But by the same token, the additional greenhouse gases added to this store by humans is slowly increasing the average temperature of the Earth system.

Due to the quantity in which it is emitted by humans, its longevity in the atmosphere, and its effects in trapping heat, carbon dioxide is the most important of the greenhouse gases currently causing changes in the Earth’s climate……

In Australia, extreme fire danger days are already becoming more numerous in many parts of the country, and floods and cyclones more intense.

Research by the CSIRO indicates that the frequency of days with very high and extreme Forest Fire Danger Index ratings is likely to increase by 15 to 70 per cent by 2050 in southeast Australia…..

Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions | Chief Scientist of Australia

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Climate change defines Christine Milne’s fine legacy in Parliament

Milne,-Christine-13Given our climate politics, who can blame Christine Milne for retiring?, Guardian 7 May 15 Tim Hollo
After 25 years of campaigning, Milne’s retirement from parliament is an indictment of how little progress Australia has made on climate change. 
egardless of the surprise of the press gallery, anyone paying attention realised Christine Milne would have been thinking deeply about her future. With her first grandchild on the way, the planet’s future would also have been brought into a stark new light.

Milne can be confident that she steered the Greens through a hugely difficult period, bringing a new strategic focus to campaigning and beautifully mentoring a new crop of advocates. But it is climate change which keeps her awake at night, and she has had to consider where she could most effectively focus her efforts in the critical years ahead.

 Climate change defines Milne’s legacy, and points to what she will do next. But it also holds the central message for our politics from her departure. While I have the utmost respect for Richard Di Natale and his team, no matter how well the Greens advocate or negotiate, they are a small team up against a Coalition government antagonistic towards climate action, a Labor opposition which still fails to understand the depth of the crisis we face, and a media which struggles to grapple with climate policy.

Who can blame her for concluding that Australian parliamentary politics is a poor place right now from which to work for radical climate change action?

Milne’s deep knowledge of (and passion for) climate science and policy is legendary in and around parliament. Less well known is her record on climate change over the last quarter century.

In 1990, while a member of the Tasmanian Parliament, she was appointed alongside Joan Kirner and Rupert Hamer to Australia’s first Greenhouse Council. She moved to the international arena in 1998 and was elected to the Global Council of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in 2000. She was elected its vice president in 2004, the same year she was elected to the Senate.

From all of these positions, Milne worked to build awareness and acknowledgement of climate change. More deeply, she challenged us to grapple with its deep ramifications for our economies, our politics and our lives.

From all of these positions, Milne worked to build awareness and acknowledgement of climate change. More deeply, she challenged us to grapple with its deep ramifications for our economies, our politics and our lives……………..

Milne’s role in bringing depth to the climate change debate through that period was vital to the tremendous election result for the Greens in 2010. She capitalised on that by proposing the Multi Party Climate Change Committee as a condition of supporting the Gillard government, insisting on experts sitting on the committee, and shepherding through it the best possible result that could have been achieved. She also used the process to increase the understanding of climate change in the community.

While we have, of course, lost the carbon price, the Climate Change Authority and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation remain – and both are Milne’s hard-won achievements. More importantly, the idea that we cannot be serious about climate change without phasing out coal remains and is growing ever stronger. No future government will be able to get away with what Tony Abbott has done, and that is in no small part thanks to Milne’s efforts…….

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Repost: Peter Cosgrove spruiks “clean” nuclear for BHP Billiton

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove  Amanda O’Brien : The Australian * February 04, 2010 “…………….The former Australian of the Year said he anticipated there would be an outcry but there was no cleaner energy source than nuclear power.(!!)..………General Cosgrove pulled no punches in his speech to the breakfast at the University of Western Australia, which was hosted by major coal producer BHP Billiton.

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove | The Australian

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Labor MPs speak out against nuclear power for Australia

“We’ve got untapped supplies of wind and solar energy so I think the economics of developing those sorts of energy sources are going to far outweigh the benefits and the costs of developing a nuclear industry.”…….”I don’t think that the end result, which is the whole expense and difficulties of decommissioning and dealing with the waste, have been addressed.”

llawarra MPs oppose nuclear power proposal – ABC Illawarra NSW – Australian Broadcasting Corporation December 2, 2010 Illawarra Labor MPs have voiced their opposition to nuclear power amid talks of a debate on the agenda for next year’s national conference. Continue reading

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Australians have been deceived about global Climate Change action

There’s a lot happening out there in the world that Australians have been deceived about by the “the world isn’t acting, Australia shouldn’t lead” line. It’s a blatant lie and one that should be completely shattered by the time the Cancun negotiations are over, so we can get on with setting an effective carbon price as the Government’s number one priority in 2011.

C’mon Aussie c’mon…. seriously, c’mon!!!! Crikey  November 30, 2010 – 9:55 pm, by Anna Rose.…………….After the UN talks in Copenhagen a year ago, we saw a concerted effort from Tony Abbott and his climate denier cronies to create an attitude in the community that the rest of the world wasn’t acting on climate change. This couldn’t be further from the truth Continue reading

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Global renewable energy – China is the leader

“The level of wind energy being deployed in China shows what can be achieved with a carefully planned energy and industrial policy that elevates cleantech to a national strategic level,”

China secures the lead in renewable energy –, BEIJING, 1 Dec. 10 — China is now the leader in the global renewable energy market, a report by Ernst & Young says. Continue reading

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Victorian election – not a good result for Climate Change action

Mr Baillieu has said he will abandon Labor’s plan for a staged closure of the Hazelwood coal power station….and introducing tougher planning regulations that would prevent wind turbines being erected in tourist areas…..

Coalition has explaining to do on climate targets, The Age, Adam Morton, November 30, 2010“……….Environment Victoria, the state’s main green lobby group, said there were many gaps in the new government’s environment and climate policy stance as it had not outlined its full plans before the election as promised. Continue reading

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World must face the truth on Climate Change

As the world discusses mitigating climate change at the UN climate conference in Cancun, starting today, what is really needed is for the world to face the truth, which may then foster our capacity to act……

Do we have the mindset to save the planet? UN Climate Change Conference In Cancun, The Age Lyn Bender, November 29, 2010 Where were you when you first realised that climate change was happening? Were you caught up in the horror of the worst bushfires in Victoria’s history on Black Saturday 2009?
Or moved by images of distraught parents in the aftermath of record monsoons that had flooded Pakistan? Continue reading

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Australia neither needs nor wants nuclear power

That we don’t need nuclear power is obvious: the ”land of the cloudless skies” has cleaner, abundant energy available. The recent report Beyond Zero Emissions demonstrates baseload clean energy can be supplied by renewable sources within 10 years at an affordable cost – about $8 a household a week.

The question: should nuclear energy power our future?, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 Nov 10, “……...THE SCIENTIST: Ann Henderson-Sellers Cold, northern hemisphere countries may resort to nuclear power to try to achieve energy security and moderate climate change but Australia neither needs it nor wants it. Continue reading

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THE AUSTRALIAN likely to change its attitude to Climate Change

While a highly qualified science writer, Julie Posetti, gave up on efforts to cover Climate Change properly at THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper, that paper’s view is likely to now do an abrupt u-turn in its coverage of climate change.

As Australia’s top right-wing voice, THE AUSTRALIAN is now urgently touting nuclear power for Australia. With no economic, environmental, (especially water) argument for nuclear power in Australia – THE AUSTRALIAN will now be forced to become a firm believer in climate change, climate change being now the only (supposedly) acceptable argument for nuclear power in Australia.

(It wouldn’t do to argue that nuclear power is in the interests of BHP Billiton  and other  uranium corporations, or the interests of slavishly following the USA, or the prospect of an Australian international radioactive waste business.) Christina Macpherson

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Hard to get serious articles on climate change in THE AUSTRALIAN

the difficulties of having stories published [in THE AUSTRALIAN] about climate change because of the attitude of and pressure from senior editors at the paper.

The ‘torture’ of writing about climate change at The Oz, Crikey, by Andrew Dodd 26 Nov 10 A former senior News Limited journalist has described trying to write about human-induced climate change at The Australian newspaper as “torture” and has blamed the editor-in-chief for limiting coverage on the topic because he has “taken a political view”. Continue reading

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Professor Ian Lowe counters nuclear spin in Australia

Professor Ian Lowe, the president of the Australian Conservation Foundation, said the report was deeply flawed. ”Given that wind or solar thermal could be providing cheap, low-carbon power within a year or two, and a reactor is probably decades away, there is simply no convincing argument for it.

Call for nuclear plants to combat warming, Sydney Morning Herald, Ben Cubby  November 26, 2010 Continue reading

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Anti-uranium and Climate Action protests targeting Paladin

The Angela Pamela project is owned by Paladin and Canada’s Cameco Corp………Paladin could also come under pressure today from the Climate Advocacy Fund, which claims the WA miner is not providing a satisfactory level of information about its carbon footprint.

Paladin to face anti-nuclear protest at AGM – The West Australian, PETER KLINGER,   November 25, 2010, Paladin Energy is set for a showdown with the anti-nuclear lobby at its annual meeting in Perth today amid a heightened level of protest against uranium miners. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Australia 2011

Clean Energy Australia 2011 2 8 Feb – 2 Mar, 2011 Hilton SydneyStreet: 488 George StreetCity: Sydney Welcome to Clean Energy Australia 2011 – Asia Pacific’s premier clean energy event.Clean Energy Australia focuses on generation strategy, efficiency and commercial outcomes. Discover the business case for investing in clean energy. Continue reading

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UK govt website promotes community renewable energy projects

Dubbed Community Energy Online, the new site offers local authorities and community groups detailed advice and case studies demonstrating how to select and deliver local low-carbon and renewable energy projects.

Coalition calls on ‘big society’ to embrace small energy New Community Energy Online web site to provide guidance on how to deliver local renewables projects, BusinessGreen, By James Murray25 Nov Continue reading

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