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Abbott’s position on nuclear power – a definite ‘maybe’

Libs unclear on nuclear Sydney Morning Herald JIM GREEN December 11, 2009 WILL the Liberal Party blow itself up over nuclear power? Party leader Tony Abbott seems alert to the risks and his position is a definite maybe: ”I’m not saying I’d never push it, it depends on the circumstances, but I’m not pushing it now,” he said last week.But Abbott will struggle to contain the enthusiasts in the Coalition – including a few who don’t believe in climate change but want to solve it with nuclear power anyway. Abbott himself has flirted with that line of argument, taking pot-shots at people who are concerned about climate change but are also opposed to nuclear power.
There’s no contradiction, as University of NSW academic Dr Mark Diesendorf recently pointed out: ”The two biggest threats facing human civilisation in the 21st century are climate change and nuclear war. It would be absurd to respond to one by increasing the risks of the other. Yet that is what nuclear power does.”

Abbott is playing wedge politics, claiming that Minister for Resources Martin Ferguson supports nuclear power. But Abbott is more likely to wedge himself, budgie smugglers and all – the Coalition is far more divided on nuclear power than the Labor Party.

For the moment, Abbott can distance himself from nuclear power while claiming he supports a debate on the issue. But early in the new year he will present a climate change policy that will either include or exclude nuclear power………………

there will be an ongoing dispute within the Coalition and more than a few Coalition MHRs and senators will continue to publicly promote nuclear power. Ironically, the loudest will be climate change sceptics such as Barnaby Joyce and West Australian MP Dennis Jenson.

Libs unclear on nuclear

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