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International “Don’t Nuke the Climate” protest

Nuclear power protested from Copenhagen to Washington FACING SOUTH 11 Dec 09 The nuclear power industry’s efforts to promote new reactors as a solution to climate change is inspiring creative protests by environmentalists. Continue reading

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ACF’s South Australian election call on uranium

ACF calls on all political parties in the South Australian State Election 2010 to act on:………….


7. Prevent South Australia becoming the Radioactive State by requiring BHP Billiton’s Roxby mine to only trade in copper, to not export radioactive concentrates, and to leave the uranium and other radioactive waste at the mine site.

8. Require rehabilitation of the proposed Roxby open pit, with disposal of tailings in to the pit for the 10,000 year isolation period required under the Federal Government rehabilitation standards that apply to the Ranger uranium mine, and prevent liquid radioactive waste leakage from Roxby tailings piles….

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Aborigines seek review of uranium mine approval

Court to review Federal approval of uranium ABC News 11 Dec 09 A review  has been sought in the Federal Court of the approval for Australia’s fourth uranium mine in South Australia’s far north-east.The action was taken by the Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network. Continue reading

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AREVA’s false nuclear case for Copenhagen

For Copenhagen, AREVA makes the false nuclear case Beyond Nuclear 12 Dec 09 In anticipation of the Copenhagen climate conference which began this week, Areva CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, stated during a French radio interview that nuclear power “does not release CO2” and that it “produces very little waste.”

These remarks were immediately condemned by the leading independent French radiological laboratory -CRIIRAD -who demanded that Lauvergeon take immediate steps to clean up the company’s contaminated African uranium mine sites in Gabon and Niger.

CRIIRAD also reminded Lauvergeon that (1) nuclear releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases, (2) that every stage of the nuclear fuel chain produces large quantities of radioactive wastes for which no safe storage solution has been found and (3) Areva has left populations to live on land or in dwellings contaminated by its activities.

Any decisions made at Copenhagen should not be based on erroneous information emanating from the nuclear industry, CRIIRAD said. From uranium extraction to enrichment, reprocessing and contamination of water supplies, Areva’s nuclear activities leave a virtually permanent trail of highly radioactive waste. The CRIIRAD press release is available in French and contains details of the radioactive contamination caused by Areva’s activities in France and overseas. And see also an article in English from Agence France Presse about Areva’s radioactive contamination in Gabon.

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Rudd’s aim for arms control, (but tainted by support for nuke industry)

If you read the full item below, it reinforces the urgent need fot Nuclear Non-Proliferation.  The trouble is, this is all in the context of a “peaceful” pro-nuclear push, partly devised by Australia’s own Gareth Evans. Dounds very supportive of a new, Obama-endorsed Glonal Nuclear Energy partnership

Rudd push for nuclear arms control The Age DANIEL FLITTON December 12, 2009 BEFORE tackling climate change in Copenhagen, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will travel to Tokyo next week to add Australia’s voice to the push to avert a different type of global calamity – the threat of nuclear Armageddon.

Mr Rudd will launch the report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Continue reading

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Price of uranium continues to drop

Half-hearted uranium price response to Olympic Dam incident

Mining Weekly By: Liezel Hill
12th December 2009

TORONTO  – The uranium spot price firmed in October, after BHP Billiton reported an accident at its Olympic Dam copper/uranium mine mine, in Australia, but has failed to find support at the higher level, Australian equity research firm Resource Capital Research (RCR) commented on Friday. Continue reading

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Uranium industry cosy with Australian government

It’s nice, how the world’s biggest uranium miner positions itself with the Australian government. For example BHP Billiton is a big funder of the Government’s new ‘independent’ think-tank – the Grattan Institute.

And now – we have a big BHP Billiton advisor on the Foreign Investment Review Board.

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BHP Billiton advisor gets prime seat on foreign investment board

.….FIRB members provide advice to the treasurer on contentious investment proposals. Douglass joins expanded FIRB board Sydney Morning Herald JACOB SAULWICK December 11, 2009 Continue reading

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US nuclear firms make sure that Indian taxpayers will cover accidents

“This legislation specifies that legal jurisdiction in the event of an accident will lie within India.

US nuclear firms close in on Indian market  Business Standard Ajai Shukla / New Delhi December 11, 2009, Stakes in India’s nuclear power generation programme are among the highest in the world………. Continue reading

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Abbott’s position on nuclear power – a definite ‘maybe’

Libs unclear on nuclear Sydney Morning Herald JIM GREEN December 11, 2009 WILL the Liberal Party blow itself up over nuclear power? Party leader Tony Abbott seems alert to the risks and his position is a definite maybe: Continue reading

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Mapping 7 major nuclear test sites in Australia

British nuclear test sites in Australia Virtual Globetrotting Maps 9 Dec 09 British nuclear tests at Maralinga occurred between 1955 and 1963 at the Maralinga site, part of the Woomera Prohibited Area, in South Australia. Continue reading

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