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Rudd’s aim for arms control, (but tainted by support for nuke industry)

If you read the full item below, it reinforces the urgent need fot Nuclear Non-Proliferation.  The trouble is, this is all in the context of a “peaceful” pro-nuclear push, partly devised by Australia’s own Gareth Evans. Dounds very supportive of a new, Obama-endorsed Glonal Nuclear Energy partnership

Rudd push for nuclear arms control The Age DANIEL FLITTON December 12, 2009 BEFORE tackling climate change in Copenhagen, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will travel to Tokyo next week to add Australia’s voice to the push to avert a different type of global calamity – the threat of nuclear Armageddon.

Mr Rudd will launch the report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, an expert panel sponsored by Australia and Japan to chart ideas to contain and eventually abolish nuclear arms……………..

”The detonation of even a tiny fraction of the global nuclear arsenal within large urban centres will cause catastrophic disruptions of the global climate,” the research paper said.

”Nuclear detonations within urban and industrial areas would ignite immense mass fires which would burn everything imaginable and create millions of tons of thick, black smoke.”

Often referred to as a ”nuclear winter”, this soot would rise into the stratosphere, blocking sunlight and reducing the natural greenhouse effect, the paper said.

”In the target areas, for the first few days after the attack, sunlight would be reduced so much that at midday it would appear as dark as a moonlit night before the war.”

Rudd push for nuclear arms control

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