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A negative view of the Disarmament Commission

Report on nuke threat is a dud Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor : The Australian  December 17, 2009 “……………The world has more than 20,000 nuclear weapons and it would be a good thing if this number were substantially reduced. There is only one real point of policy interest. Evans’s report implies, and in interviews he has stated explicitly, that Australia should reverse existing policy and export uranium to India. This is surely part of the process of softening up the Labor Party for what must be an inevitable change, presumably after the next election.

But the Evans report claims to be about ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

This is a kind of modern theological aspiration for international relations types in our secularised age. It is lofty meditation that bears no relationship to the physical universe……………………

Evans is very taken with the idea that all states possessing nuclear weapons should declare that their only purpose for having them is to deter other nations from attacking them or their allies with nukes. Yet he recognises that the “no first use” declaration of the old Soviet Union was “almost universally dismissed as purely a propaganda exercise”, and that similar statements by other powers are greeted with cynicism. Therefore, he says, “it may be better to settle in the first instance for a different formulation of essentially the same idea”. That, sadly, just about sums up this report: a different formulation of some very tired and unrealistic ideas………………..

This report serves certain bureaucratic and even political ends. It does nothing for nuclear disarmament.

Report on nuke threat is a dud | The Australian

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