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But anyway, Gareth Evans is right about nuclear fuel recycling.

In a perfect world. the plan to send enriched uranium and plutonium to USA and Russia, to fuel nuclear reactors, might be part of a good move. That would be the move to wind down all nuclear power plants. ( but I doubt that this is the intended plan)

It would also put a stop to the dirty dangerous industry of uranium mining.

However, Gareth Evans points out that recycling nuclear fuel simply creates new stockpiles of very dirty, very dangerous, radioactive wastes. Sure, Gareth Evans’ point of view promotes Australia’s uranium mining companies.  But he’s right, anyway.

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Gareth Evans against recycling nuclear fuel, and FOR Australian uranium miners

Mr Evans and a former US ambassador-at-large, Robert Gallucci, said recycling created stockpiles of dangerous materials ripe for theft……...

Recycling fuel should end: Evans, Sydney Morning Herald, April 15, 2010, WASHINGTON: A former Australian foreign minister, Gareth Evans, was at the centre of a dispute over reactor suppliers recycling nuclear fuel even as US officials sought to skirt the issue during a summit in Washington organised by the President, Barack Obama. Continue reading

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Move to set up Australia’s nuclear waste import industry

Good intentions…taking back nuclear waste,  international environmental law, “….former Labor Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, now Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s point man on nuclear non-proliferation, echoed last month’s assertion by former Australian Labor Party Prime Minister Bob Hawke that the country had to view the establishment of a nuclear waste industry as a moral, financial and environmental response to climate change by expanding its role in the atomic energy fuel trade and taking back all waste generated in foreign nuclear power plants derived from the uranium it sells on the global market.

Evans’ proposal is at odds with the current policies of the Rudd government, which maintains that it will not import nuclear fuel waste,

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A positive view of the Nuclear Disarmament Commission

A real chance for a world free of nuclear weapons Sydney Morning Herald MARK DAVIS December 17, 2009 “…………………The original “grand bargain” of the NPT was that the nuclear-armed states signing up agreed to negotiate disarmament while the states without nukes agreed not to develop or obtain weapons. Continue reading

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A negative view of the Disarmament Commission

Report on nuke threat is a dud Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor : The Australian  December 17, 2009 “……………The world has more than 20,000 nuclear weapons and it would be a good thing if this number were substantially reduced. Continue reading

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Review: Nuke weapons, BHPB govt influence, Copenhagen

Review of past week
Embarassment for Rudd (disarmament hero) with new defense call to revive Australian nuclear weapons plan, and with  Gareth Evans including ‘peaceful’ nuke power, just  as Rudd launches the report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament. BHP Billiton adviser Hamish Douglass is appointed to the Foreign Investment Review Board. Tony Abbott dancing around the Coalition’s enthusiasm for nuclear power. Australian company Paladin now mining uranium in earthquake prone area in Malawi.

International: Uranium price continues to fall, but don’t worry, in Copenhagen the industry is pushing for nuclear as the solution to climate change. Meanwhile huge world-wide poll shows growing popularity of renewable energy, majority of people prefer it.Parliament of World’s Religions opposing nuclear. Problems and delays in India’s nuke program, while Young Indian movement gathers opposition to nuclear.

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Review: opinion polls, BHP, Greens, and nuke-hype

a-cat-CANReview of the week that has been. In Australia, 2 opinion polls –  one showing that women are 4 times more opposed to nuclear power than are men. One showing that 49% of Australians think that the govt should consider nuclear power, and 43% are conmpletely opposed to it. (Hardly a ringing endorsement of nuclear power!).

BHPB rushing ahead with uranium mine in WA, with the help of an outdated, and too narrow assessment process. BHP B keeping quiet about a prolonged shutdown of Olynpic Dam uranium mining (at 20% capacity) following an accident.

Greens come up wilh a forward-looking plan for the government’s Emiisions Trading Scheme. 

Gareth Evans aiming to get “peaceful” nuke power into the Non-Prolifertaion Treaty. Meanwhile, overseas, US senators John Kerry and Lindsay Graham try to get nuclear into US Climate Bill. France’s nuke salesman, Sarkozy,  spruiking everywhere (Bulgaria this week, Australia when?)

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International Disarmament meeting will endorse “peaceful” nuclear energy

Japan – The Fourth Meeting of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament

“……The fourth meeting of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, co-chaired by Hon. Yoriko Kawaguchi, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and the Hon. Gareth Evans Continue reading

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Review – Gareth Evans – weak sop, and so on

a-cat-CANWell, well, Gareth Evans, ? champion of nuclear disarmament has now come out in favour of Australia taking in everybody else’s dirty washing – i.e. nuclear wastes. I always though he was a weak sop, anyway.

Australia’s Paladin uranium company hopes nobody is noticing that it mucks up Malawi’s drinking water, and that it attacks the Malawi Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice  – (bet it wouldn’t dare have a go at Australia’s)

BHP is lying low – hoping we’ll all forget about the predicted dust storms, as we have apparently forgotten about Maralinga.  Russia plans to join forces with Cameco, in Australia uranium mining.

The nuclear industry is quietly worrying about the falling uranium price, and dimming prospects for commercial nuclear power – hence the increased nuclear hype. Marshall islanders fear sea level rise, to add to their radiation-induced problems.

Some really interesting ideas coming on in how energy efficiency, and smart grids, combining with renewables have great potential for Australia’s energy future. That’s some of the week that has been………….

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