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Big money in denying climate change

Dr Karl: ‘Something fishy about climate sceptics’ Adelaide Now CLARE PEDDIE December 17, 2009 CLIMATE change is a fact, sceptics are fishy, says Australia’s favourite scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Dr Karl is in town to promote his first game, Fact or Fishy?, and 28th book, Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Science.

The game, like his books, is part of a lifelong search for truth: spruiking science, busting myths and separating fact from fiction.

“That’s why I think I was put here on the planet,” Dr Karl said. “To try to fight the forces of darkness and misinformation. Big companies making big money from buying or burning fossil fuelssuch as coal, oil and gas have a lot to lose at the moment.

Dr Karl said the campaign against the climate change science was like earlier campaigns against the idea smoking causes cancer.

“Tobacco companies cast doubt and confused the issues by highlighting minor discrepancies. That is exactly the line that is being used by the energy companies that get their energy from burning carbon,” Dr Karl said.

“They’ve been making glorious profits for the last century and they want to keep doing it, business as usual… “If you stick to the facts, it’s really quite straightforward. There is global warming, it is caused by humans and it’s going to be bad.”

AdelaideNow… Dr Karl: ‘Something fishy about climate sceptics’

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