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Uranium mining radioactively pollutes Kakadu National Park

Mine fears grow as pollutants flow to Kakadu, Sydney Morning Herald, LINDSAY MURDOCH May 24, 2010

MILLIONS of litres of radioactive water from the Ranger uranium mine have flowed into internationally acclaimed and World Heritage-listed wetlands in Kakadu National Park. Continue reading

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Atmospheric nuclear testing caused human teeth to become “radioactive clocks”

How 1950s Nuclear Bomb Testing Turned Our Teeth Into Radioactive Clocks, Gizmodo, Kyle VanHemert, 23 May 2010, Researchers trying to determine the age of deceased individuals are finding success with a new method: looking in people’s mouths. Nuclear bomb testing in the 1950s, it turns out, turned everyone’s teeth into radioactive clocks. Continue reading

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No gold health card for Australia’s atomic veterans

no provision had been made for the children of Maralinga veterans suffering from nuclear-related health problems.

Payment for nuclear veteran ‘not enough’ * Verity Edwards  The Australian * May 23, 2010 AFTER almost 50 years of fighting for compensation, Maralinga veteran Avon Hudson’s frustration has turned into a feeling of intense disappointment.Mr Hudson says the Rudd government’s budget decision to provide nuclear veterans with a pension is just not enough.In particular, he thinks the defence force members who participated in British nuclear testing at Maralinga, Emu Field and the Monte Bello Islands in the 1950s and 60s deserve a health gold card. Continue reading

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Marshall Islanders – guinea pigs for radiation exposure

In 1957, they were returned to their homeland ……. The desire to study humans living in a radiation-contaminated environment appeared to be a major element of this decision…” by far the most contaminated place in the world.”

The Legacy of U.S. Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Robert Alvarez: 23 May 2010, The radiological legacy of U.S. nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands remains to this day and will persist for many years to come. Continue reading

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