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Secret history of Maralinga nuclear bomb tests

text-from-the-archivesThe half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years. At this rate of decay, the Maralinga secret-agent-Austlands would be contaminated for the next half-million years.…..A variety of factors underlay the harm to public health, Aboriginal culture and the natural environment which the British tests entailed. Perhaps most significant was the secrecy surrounding the testing program….There seems little doubt that the secrecy in which the entire testing program was cloaked served British rather than Australian interests…..Information passed to Australian officials was kept to the minimum necessary to facilitate their assistance in the conduct of the testing program. The use of plutonium in the minor trials was not disclosed……

A toxic legacy : British nuclear weapons testing in Australia, Australian Institute of Criminology. “…… Three days after the conclusion of the Totem trials, the Australian government was formally advised of British desires to establish a permanent testing site in Australia. In August 1954, the Australian Cabinet agreed to the establishment of a permanent testing ground at a site that became named Maralinga, Continue reading

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Nuclear test soldiers used as guinea pigs for radiation studies

It was decided the Armed Forces would be used as ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ in order to discover the effects radiation would have on the Human Body…..The experiment was not concluded at the end of the testing of the nuclear devices! It is still ongoing.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRITISH NUCLEAR TESTS,  Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog,  by Dave Whyte One of the ‘Human Guinea Pigs’ 26 Nov 10,
After WWII the British Government decided they would develop their own nuclear deterrent and made plans to conduct the tests at remote areas in Australia and the Pacific Continue reading

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Australian soldiers and Aborigines affected by nuclear test court case

About 200 Australian veterans, widows and children of veterans had planned their own class action against the British government. Aborigines affected were also closely watching the verdict.

The British veterans are deciding whether to appeal, while the Australians are now considering an action against the Australian government.

British ruling hits Diggers’ bid for bomb test damages, The Age, DAN OAKES, 24 Nov 10, AUSTRALIAN veterans’ hopes of compensation for exposure to nuclear testing in the 1950s hang by a thread after a British court decision. Continue reading

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Australian soldiers exposed to depleted uranium at Maralinga

An Australian royal commission first discovered the use of depleted uranium in atomic tests at Maralinga some 14 years ago, but the government failed to take any action at the time.

Depleted uranium used at Maralinga, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 23 Nov 10, Australian Government Confirms Depleted Uranium Used in 1950s The Australian Federal Government announced that it will conduct a health study of Australian volunteers who worked at Maralinga, a British nuclear test site. Continue reading

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South Australia’s Labor govt set to fail Aboriginal Maralinga victims’ quest for justice

Maralinga victims denied legal help, MELISSA MACK,

Oct 29, 2010, ABORIGINAL victims of nuclear testing in the 1950s are likely to be denied the chance  of claiming millions of dollars in compensation, with the state Government refusing to help fund the legal case. Continue reading

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Maralinga Aboriginal victims call on Australian govts for help

“When you’ve got families that lose their sight or they’ve got crippling and terminal cancers because of these tests, you know you’ve got fundamental problems,” he said.

“We can’t continue to only give access to justice for non-Aboriginal people.”

Indigenous group still fighting for Maralinga compo, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 3 August 2010, The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement says it needs $500,000 to continue its fight for compensation for Aboriginal people affected by British nuclear tests at Maralinga in the 1950s and 1960s. Continue reading

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Governments shut people up about nuclear veterans

More than 20,000 servicemen witnessed hundreds of atom tests in Australia, US and South Pacific in the Fifties and Sixties – now 3,000 survivors say they are riddled with cancers.

(UK) The Ministry of Defence  wants to gag MPs over scandal of Britain’s nuclear test veterans, By Susie Boniface 1/08/2010, The MoD wants to gag MPs over the scandal of Britain’s nuclear test veterans. Continue reading

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Federal and South Australian govts won’t help Maralinga veterans!

Premier Mike Rann has said veterans and Aboriginal people affected by the testing deserved compensation from the British government….There have been genetic abnormalities and high levels of cancer among those who witnessed the atomic tests and their offspring.

State refuses to fund Maralinga court battle  Pia Akerman   The Australian * July 29, 2010THE Rann government in South Australia has refused to meet with representatives of Aboriginal people affected by British nuclear tests. Continue reading

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No nuclear waste dump for uranium baron South Australia

with past scientific assessment declaring Woomera in South Australia as the best option, Premier Mike Rann was quickly on the defensive, saying a nuclear waste dump would jeopardise his state’s clean, green reputation.

“We took the Howard government to the High Court to stop the nation’s nuclear waste dump being set up in this state.

Arguments flare again over nuke waste dump,  David Nason , The Australian ,  June 29, 2010 JULIA Gillard’s rise to Prime Minister has sparked a new debate over where to locate a nuclear waste dump. Continue reading

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Senator Scott Ludlam raises nuclear problems in Senate Estimates

Reporting on Senate Estimates Committee, Scott Ludlam, 19 June 2010, Midway through week one, estimates got radioactive as it always does. A serious leak of radioactive water from the Ranger Uranium Mine into Kakadu National Park made my usual talk with the Office of the Supervising Scientist a little more interesting, with new revelations emerging about pollution spikes and long term impacts in Kakadu. Continue reading

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No gold health card for Australia’s atomic veterans

no provision had been made for the children of Maralinga veterans suffering from nuclear-related health problems.

Payment for nuclear veteran ‘not enough’ * Verity Edwards  The Australian * May 23, 2010 AFTER almost 50 years of fighting for compensation, Maralinga veteran Avon Hudson’s frustration has turned into a feeling of intense disappointment.Mr Hudson says the Rudd government’s budget decision to provide nuclear veterans with a pension is just not enough.In particular, he thinks the defence force members who participated in British nuclear testing at Maralinga, Emu Field and the Monte Bello Islands in the 1950s and 60s deserve a health gold card. Continue reading

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Beware of Australian govts bearing small, hurried, gifts to Maralinga veterans

As Queen’s Counsel Cherie Blair leads the Australian atomic veterans into legal battle with the British government over compensation, the Australian government hurriedly decides to at last give some (pretty lousy) compensation to them

Could it be that there’s a little clause in there somewhere, about the veterans dropping their legal case in UK, if they want to get Australian govt recognition?

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Australia’s government provides hasty, stingy compensation to its nuclear veterans

Nuclear veterans short-changed in Budget: Xenophon ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 12 May, 2010, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says veterans of nuclear testing at Maralinga in outback South Australia have been short-changed in the federal Budget.There were atomic tests at Maralinga and Emu Plains about half a century ago.Senator Xenophon says test veterans will get improved benefits under veterans’ entitlements but no lump sum payments.”Russia, France, the US, even China have provided lump sum compensation for their nuclear test survivors but the Government has failed to do so,” he said.”I don’t think that’s good enough given these victims have waited something like half a century to try and get some justice in relation to what they’ve gone through.”Nuclear veterans short-changed in Budget: Xenophon – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Review: Nuke waste, media silence, environmental causes of cancer

Australia: Strangely absent from the mainstream media was the Senate’s Report,giving green light to Martin Ferguson’s Muckaty nuclear waste dump plan. Also strangely absent, a new agreement between Obama and Rudd on nuclear technology co-operation. But – lots of coverage given to BHP’s objections to a super profit resource tax. Tony Abbott ‘educates’ kids towards Climate Change scepticism. Federal govt might compensate Maralinga vets, perhaps to prevent legal case.

International: U.S. President’s Cancer Panel Report spells out environmental causes, including ionising radiation. Israel under pressure to admit to its nuclear weapons. Germany less likely now to restart nuclear power. India’s Parliament in turmoil over nuclear insurance to help foreign nuclear companies. Uranium prices and revenues low. World Bank finds nuclear power uneconomic. – the week that has been

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Be wary: Australian govt compensation may impede current legal action

Aust Govt to compensate nuke vets, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 7 May 2010, “……..This may be very good news for the surviving 2,000 nuclear veterans out of the Australian 8,000 service personnel who were used as target practice for the British nuclear weaponeers,…..

It still leaves the question as to whether the payments will contain clauses impeding the current legal action against the British government, Continue reading

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