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Bleak future for uranium, but not because of resources tax

The mining lobby, and their media servants revel in attacking the Australian government over the proposed super profit resources tax. They blame theis for a poor outlook for for example, the expanded Olympic Dam uranium mine.

But the truth of the poor uranium outlook is otherwise.

Tax gains from bad apples: reduce your tax bill | The Australian, 16 June 2010, Guadagnuolo sees little prospect of a sustained recovery for uranium miner Energy Resources Australia ………”Further, we think the market has overestimated the scarcity of uranium, while advances in reactor technology will limit demand as reprocessing becomes increasingly effective, with the added benefit of limiting the proliferation of nuclear materials,” he says…..PRIME CANDIDATE FOR TAX LOSS SELLING……Energy Resources of Australia (ERA): Down 43 per cent since June 30.

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U.S. company Halliburton sells nuclear technology to Iran

Halliburton Sells Nuclear Tech to Iran The Sly OysterJames Furbush on June 15, 2010 by · Interesting.  Seems like Halliburton has found a way to profit from every conceivable scenario.  Can’t even fault them, really, savvy business practices.  It’s just unfortunate they’re able to take advantage of the system set up.

So, Halliburton creates offshore entities to circumvent the U.S. ban on doing business in Iran, and part of what passes through this truly ridiculous loophole is nuclear enabling technology. All of the profit ends up in a Cayman Islands shell company so there’s no U.S. tax burden, and when we have to go interdict anuclear armed Iran Halliburton gets paid again supporting our military in the conflict. Halliburton Sells Nuclear Tech to Iran

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Australia’s trade sanctions against Iran

Australia is pretty good at posturing as a leader in nuclear weapons non-proliferation.  Trouble is, Australia is also a leader in selling nuclear fuel to several nuclear weapons countries.

Australia unveils unilateral Iran sanctions , PRESSTV, 15 Jun 2010 Less than a week after the UN Security Council imposed a fourth round of sanctions against Iran, Australia says it is planning unilateral punitive measures. Continue reading

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China’s secrecy over nuclear radiation leak

The report said a large amount of radioactive iodine was released into the air.It said the plant’s management had kept the incident secret

China nuke leak ‘kept secret’  The Australianm  AFP   June 16, 2010 HONG KONG: A nuclear plant in China’s southern Guangdong province has recorded a small leak, the Hong Kong government said yesterday, after the incident was exposed by a US-based radio station….. Continue reading

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Uranium mining guzzles Australia’s precious groundwater

water from the Great Artesian Basin in Central Australia is being depleted to keep residual radioactive dust from uranium mining wet in order to keep it from blowing across the continent. Seven million gallons of water is being extracted from the basin per day to keep the radioactive dust in place

Unhappy Anniversary for the Atomic Bomb,  Streetvibes Newspaper , June 15, 2010 Anti-nuclear activists want it to retire By Jeremy Flannery ” …..Riley is traveling across the United States with a fellow member of Think Outside the Bomb and two Australian members of Footprints for Peace to campaign for the end of nuclear energy. Continue reading

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Depleted uranium affecting nervous systems of children in India

when heavy metals are coupled with uranium, the toxic effect increases manifold,” said Dr Amar Singh Azad, a paediatrician working on neurological disorders in children

Parts of Malwa, Raj drinking poison? Chandigarh – City – The Times of India P Singh, , Jun 16, 2010, “… While high concentration of uranium is attributed to use of depleted uranium in the Afghan war by US, the problem appears to be due to no stooping of release of effluents in water channels, something which the government machinery has failed to check. Continue reading

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