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Ethics and Australia’s fight against nuclear power – theme for December

It is easiest to just adopt the good old “she’ll be right, mate” attitude, and to ignore the push for the nuclear fuel cycle in Australia. After all, some Australian make money out of uranium, and who cares if other countries make bombs out of it?

It’s also easy to please the powers that be, and go along with BHP Billiton etc, and   Australian politicians in the drive for the nuclear fuel cycle here.

But, it takes courage to stand up for the environment, health, peace, against the push. Most courageous of all, the Aboriginal people who make this stand – against the propaganda, bribery, and threats of the pro-nuclear push.

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THE AUSTRALIAN likely to change its attitude to Climate Change

While a highly qualified science writer, Julie Posetti, gave up on efforts to cover Climate Change properly at THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper, that paper’s view is likely to now do an abrupt u-turn in its coverage of climate change.

As Australia’s top right-wing voice, THE AUSTRALIAN is now urgently touting nuclear power for Australia. With no economic, environmental, (especially water) argument for nuclear power in Australia – THE AUSTRALIAN will now be forced to become a firm believer in climate change, climate change being now the only (supposedly) acceptable argument for nuclear power in Australia.

(It wouldn’t do to argue that nuclear power is in the interests of BHP Billiton  and other  uranium corporations, or the interests of slavishly following the USA, or the prospect of an Australian international radioactive waste business.) Christina Macpherson

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BHP shareholder opposes dangerous expansion of Olympic Dam uranium mine

The production of radioactive tailings waste is projected to increase from 10million tonnes each year to 68million tonnes. The tailings dams now rise more than 20m above the landscape and cover many square kilometres. BHP Billiton intends these tailings piles to increase to 60m high and to cover up to 44sqkm.

BHP Billiton’s uranium quest has too many risksJohn Poppins, Canberra Times, Nov 15, 2010 Thousands of ordinary Australians, including my own family have benefited from BHP Billiton’s mining success. However, like increasing numbers of BHP Billiton shareholders, we are troubled by the long-term effects of some aspects of its mining projects. Continue reading

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Aborigines, unions voice anger at BHP Billiton’s uranium mining plans

“The WA mining industry, and BHP in particular, has a poor worker safety record and uranium mining poses even greater health risks as uranium mine workers are exposed to radiation from the ore itself and from the inhalation of radon gas,”

Anger at BHP’s Yeelirrie uranium project  Perth Now Russell Quinn & Rebecca Lawson,  November 16, 2010 BHP Billiton has met with opposition from traditional owners over the development of the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine at its annual general meeting in Perth today. Continue reading

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The other side of BHP Billiton’s Annual Report

Threatening lives, the environment, and peoples’ future – An Alternative Annual Report on BHP Billiton 2009-2010 In this 25 page report, case studies question BHP’s record on human rights, transparency, and ecological justice.

“………..This report examines a number of BHP Billiton’s operations around the world. The collection of case studies highlights the disparity between BHP Billiton’s ‘Sustainability Framework’ and the reality of its operations.In the year 2009-2010 BHP Billiton has continued itsinvolvement in many controversial mines, is advancing riskyand unwanted projects….. Continue reading

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BHP Billiton under fire over radioactive waste dumping

”This company plans to dump rather than to dispose of their radioactive wastes, and do not intend to rehabilitate the proposed open pit, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a permanent scar on the landscape,”

BHP boss faces a grilling, Sydney Morning Herald, Mathew MurphyNovember 15, 2010 BHP Billiton boss Marius Kloppers will come under pressure from shareholders at tomorrow’s annual meeting…… Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton not likely to be answering questions on nuclear wastes

Pardon my cynicism, but I bet that Hillary Clinton will be answering nice safe (non-nuclear) questions from young Australians.

Hillary Clinton to take questions from young Australians in Melbourne forum from Herald Sun, 4 Nov 10, |US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will take part in an hour-long question and answer forum in Melbourne on Sunday.Ms Clinton, who will be in Melbourne for the first time as Secretary of State, will answer questions from a live audience as well as respond to questions posted on Facebook, Twitter and others posted via video link.

The forum, aimed at people under-35 and at a secret location for security reasons, comes one day ahead of Ms Clinton’s expected attendance at the Australia-United States Ministerial (AUSMIN) consultations on Monday at Melbourne’s Government House

Questions for the forum, which will be televised on Sunday evening, can be posted on ABC News’s Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #hillaryoz.

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John Durie of THE AUSTRALIAN recommends nuclear waste storage industry for South Australia

South Australia’s Rann could do everyone a favour by realising the best way to maximise growth in the state is to look at some sort of environmentally friendly nuclear waste storage in the state. – John Durie writes in THE AUSTRALIAN 5  Nov

“This could be a new industry for the country, and as much as the environmental benefits of nuclear power are questionable, it is another source of power which should go into the mix.

It just so happens BHP is sitting on tonnes of uranium, and it just so happens its boss Marius Kloppers is a big advocate of a carbon tax to get Australia on to the greenhouse combat zone efficiently.

Next stop is to start pushing for nuclear power in Australia, powered by the Big Australian, which it seems has got too big to buy anything of any size offshore…..”

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Australia’s nuclear power spinners – theme for November

It is well accepted, (even by Ziggy Switkowski in his 2006 report) that Australia does not need nuclear power. Yet, Ziggy and other old nuclear lobbyists are now urgently “spinning” , promoting nuclear energy for Australia. And new spinners are joining them

Apologies to Bob Hawke – I left that old attention-seeker off the picture!

One reason for this nuclear spinning is the fact that Australia will be expected to take back international wastes, as part of its uranium export industry. So, by getting Australia into the entire nuclear fuel cycle, this would make a smoother transition from “our” nuclear wastes, to “theirs” too.

The radioactive waste question is becoming critical in Australia – with the government’s attempt to impose a dump on Aboriginal land, and with Lucas Heights wastes soon. due to return from England.

Hillary Clinton and  Robert Gates visited Australia. Their mission?  –  to get Australia deeper into the US military machine, with Western Australia, like Pine Gap, part of the Space War project.

The USA’s urgent nuclear waste problem might have been  on the agenda in talks with Julia Gillard. We, the great unwashed, would not know. (but for USA to export its nuclear rubbish to Australia could be a bit more difficult now –  since the European Union declared that export of nuclear waste overseas is unsafe)

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Stacked nuclear discussion panel for Melbourne

In November Melbourne University is to grace the public with another stacked nuclear power panel. ( It’s been a while since Ziggy Switkowski was heckled at the last one)

Despite the fact that nuclear power involves issue such as the environment, health, atomic weapons, even economics, the panel will be dominated by pro nuclear interests, with just one (?token) speaker possibly having some knowledge of environment.

Speakers will be: Ziggy Spinowski –  paid nuclear spruiker from ANSTO, Dr Selena Ng, from AREVA, Prof John Daley – background in stockbroking, with ANZ – from Grattan Institute which is largely funded by BHP Billiton, Prof Mike Sandford, geologist, from Pro nuclear Melbourne Energy Institute

None of your “soft”  scientists there!

Except possibly Prof Lee Godden  – ? token woman –  lecturer in human rights, indigenous issues, environment

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Hazards in BHP’s planned export of uranium to China

“BHP propose precedent sale of uranium in copper concentrates to China…“This is not sanctioned under Australia’s nuclear treaties … it would compromise our safeguards and environmental responsibilities, and dump some 1.2 million tonnes of long-lived radioactive mine wastes in China every year.

‘Toxic lake’ future for Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs Sun, 25 Oct, 2010 02:26 BHP must present feasible alternatives to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts of the proposed Olympic Dam expansion in the next phase of the Environmental Impact Statement process, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) say. Continue reading

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New DVD from Germany, about Olympic Dam uranium mine

The DVD specializes in the truth of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam (Roxby) uranium mine in northern South Australia–the world’s greatest uranium deposit.

The Reality About The Largest Uranium Mine in Australia, Bukisa, Oct 25th, 2010 by scotmxncmoe Continue reading

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Tax-payer subsidises uranium mine, but unaware of toxic result

“BHP propose to dump radioactive mine tailings on the surface and to leave them there forever rather than to dispose of their wastes,”…“BHP do not intend to rehabilitate the proposed open pit, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a radioactive scar on the landscape.”.

‘Toxic lake’ future for Olympic Dam,  Roxby Downs Sun, 25 Oct, 2010 “……..  BHP had designed the project to leak an average three million litres of liquid radioactive wastes a day until 2050 and only plan to line about 15 per cent of tailings piles. Continue reading

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Secrecy on transport of uranium from Darwin port

with all the recent pollution problems there, the shipment was being kept “quiet”…not uncommon for containers to be damaged.”Our wharfies aren’t trained to know what to do should one of the containers get damaged or there’s a spill …

Port keeps lid on uranium transport | Northern Territory News , ALYSSA BETTS, October 24th, 2010 ABOUT 500 tonnes of uranium concentrate from Jabiru is set to be loaded from East Arm Wharf on to ships bound for China. Continue reading

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Big polluters head Australia’s carbon tax advisory panel

For a carbon tax to truly make a significant difference on carbon emission levels, revenue raised from the tax needs to be funnelled back into renewable energy projects, not into concessions for energy intensive industries and big polluters,….Australia has vast solar power potential that is being neglected

Australia’s Carbon Tax And The Big Business Roundtable : Renewable Energy News :by Energy Matters, 19 Oct 10 Big business will head the discussion on how to implement a carbon tax in Australia; a situation causing concern in some sectors. Continue reading

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