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Australia gambles on the dodgy uranium industry

You do wonder where Australian politics is heading. Clearly the big uranium miners BHP, Rio Tinto, ExStrata, are now dictating Labor policy on mining tax. (They have always dictated Liberal policy).  Some ambitious union leaders are also hand in glove with those big miners, as are the South Australian and Western Australian governments.

Those States, and the Northern Territory are crawling with uranium explorers, and  uranium mining is being hyped in the media.  Yet  uranium prices fall, and the nuclear industry stalls in USA, Europe, Britain.

Australia pitches its glowing uranium prospects on China.  China is  notorious for corruption, including in the nuclear industry, it has  dubious safety and nuclear waste management,  and a keen nuclear weapons program. But apart from all that –  China might wake up to the financial and environmental negatives of nuclear power.

While China itself, and Europe, and soon, even USA,  show the way on 21st Century renewable energy technologies, Australia is gambling on a very dodgy future of uranium sales.

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