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Hillary Clinton not likely to be answering questions on nuclear wastes

Pardon my cynicism, but I bet that Hillary Clinton will be answering nice safe (non-nuclear) questions from young Australians.

Hillary Clinton to take questions from young Australians in Melbourne forum from Herald Sun, 4 Nov 10, |US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will take part in an hour-long question and answer forum in Melbourne on Sunday.Ms Clinton, who will be in Melbourne for the first time as Secretary of State, will answer questions from a live audience as well as respond to questions posted on Facebook, Twitter and others posted via video link.

The forum, aimed at people under-35 and at a secret location for security reasons, comes one day ahead of Ms Clinton’s expected attendance at the Australia-United States Ministerial (AUSMIN) consultations on Monday at Melbourne’s Government House

Questions for the forum, which will be televised on Sunday evening, can be posted on ABC News’s Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #hillaryoz.

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  1. Hi, am watching her speech on ABC at Melbourne Uni and feel so much anger and contempt for this good-talkin politician. All I want to say is I hope Australians, especially the younger generation always have an anchor of knowledge when making political judgement. Cancer is very curable (See Dr Hulda Clark – book – Cure  to all Disceases). The US economy is****** so what economic ties could there be based on a flawed economic machine. Free energy has been patented over 100 years ago (See Tesla Patents, Youtube has videos on Rodin coils, magnet motors, car engines running on water or hydrogen.) 911 is one of the most disgusting cover up in US history used to start another war and borrow more money from the bankers so the US could borrow more to fund their games. Houses can be built with soil using earth bags and local materials for very little money (see earth bag building). So why is it a million Haiti people are still living in ruins and plastic tents. Give these people bags and knowledge so they can rebuild flood proof, earthquake proof homes and have greenhouses with free energy to grow food. These generators are CHEAP! Where is the real AID such as clean water (see nano technology filters that can even make salt water drinkable). Where is free energy as tesla had envisioned?! Why are people all around the worldnstill living like paupers. 

    So what can this*****[woman****tell me about US – Australian relations that won’t involve WAR, pumping oil and raping the middle east, the Health System and dragging our economy down the shitter along with their own. The only ones who want the wars are the CIA playing everyone for fools, using media and all sorts of evil tools to realize the greedy dreams of the bankers. WAr war war. *******
    If I hear her say democracy another time I will puke. Thank god she isn’t talking about terrorism, I give her that.

    As far as I’m concerned she can shove her democracy *******

    WAKE UP YALL and don’t just believe these people are your mates. They’re evil.

    Where is the gold reserve in the US. They should have asked her that instead of All those stupid prepped questions about nothing. And Check out all the technologies these *****have developed under black-op status. Trillions of tax payer dollars since the 50’s.

    Keep in mind Australia is a very rich land having the whole Mendeleev table here and the US is making a big effort to control our govt. Mainkey because they are on the brink of shit economic times ahead and are running out of options. I say *** US govt pigs and CIA spook ***. **************


    Comment by Young Australian | November 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. It is refreshing to see some anger expressed about Hillary Clinton’s bland media performance.
    I, too, marvelled at the articulate way this woman could answer these “prepped questions” at such length, and still end up saying nothing!

    ‘Young Australian’ ‘s response shows that not everyone is fooled by the mask of bland charm being put across as USA sells more militarism to Australia.

    A pity that I had to censor some words, in the comment above, but it does not help our case to be personally abusive


    Comment by Christina MacPherson | November 7, 2010 | Reply

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