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Hillary Clinton talks sweet nothings to a tame Australian youth audience

The venue was secret. The audience members were carefully selected. The questions to Hillary Clinton were pre-planned.

Hardly a surprise then that nothing of critical relevance to Australia was discussed.  And certainly not a heckler in sight,  – heaven forfend!  – in this reverential audience.

Sad, isn’t it?  As Australia already hosts the world’s biggest secret USA spy base (Pine Gap), we’re about to get another one.   You’d think that would be a topic, wouldn’t you?  (Well, it will be, today, in top level secret talks with Robert Gates, Clinton, Rudd, Gillard.  That, and a lot more.)

But, bear in mind –  USA is looking like going broke –  so, they gotta sell a lot of military stuff to Australia, India, Asian countries – anyone, really.

It’s not about war, and the danger of naughty China.  No, it is about America’s need to be the world’s military police, but mainly,  it’s just the money, stupid!

By the way, one little U.S. worry that might be discussed – possible export of U.S nuclear wastes to Australia.  Even trickier, now that Europe has decided than nuclear waste is too dangerous to export.

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