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Hillary Clinton talks sweet nothings to a tame Australian youth audience

The venue was secret. The audience members were carefully selected. The questions to Hillary Clinton were pre-planned.

Hardly a surprise then that nothing of critical relevance to Australia was discussed.  And certainly not a heckler in sight,  – heaven forfend!  – in this reverential audience.

Sad, isn’t it?  As Australia already hosts the world’s biggest secret USA spy base (Pine Gap), we’re about to get another one.   You’d think that would be a topic, wouldn’t you?  (Well, it will be, today, in top level secret talks with Robert Gates, Clinton, Rudd, Gillard.  That, and a lot more.)

But, bear in mind –  USA is looking like going broke –  so, they gotta sell a lot of military stuff to Australia, India, Asian countries – anyone, really.

It’s not about war, and the danger of naughty China.  No, it is about America’s need to be the world’s military police, but mainly,  it’s just the money, stupid!

By the way, one little U.S. worry that might be discussed – possible export of U.S nuclear wastes to Australia.  Even trickier, now that Europe has decided than nuclear waste is too dangerous to export.

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Clinton visit digs Australia more deeply into USA war machine

Reports from the mainstream press reveal the visit is part of the Gillard government’s increasing involvement in the U.S. War machine….A new U.S. Space Warfare Base in West Australia

U.S. war criminals in Oz as Australia boosts its involvement in U.S. war machine | Indymedia Australia, 8 Nov 10, “……  The whole visit and itinerary has been kept secret, supposedly for “security” but more likely to prevent any public protests against U.S. imperialism and the U.S. Australian alliance. On the agenda for the talks include the development of new U.S. bases in Australia, Continue reading

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European Union bans export of nuclear wastes

to put a stop to the current practice where EU member states, which do not want to store spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste on their territory, can pay countries outside the bloc to do the job for them…….The facilities would have to deal with material that can stay radioactive for up to one million years.

EU: Nuclear waste cannot be outsourced,  New Europe, 7 November 2010 – The European Commission on 3 November unveiled new proposals, stating that EU governments will be banned from offloading their nuclear waste onto third countries. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s and Julia Gillard’s unconvincing spin about Solar Energy

But are Clinton and Gillard serious? I doubt it. The giveaway, as always, is the funding. Australia is investing $50 million in the project……. enough to transform the world’s energy supply and prevent climate change? I doubt it….Such a project needs billions, not millions.

More solar spin  –  Daily Telegraph Mark Mann , November 07, 2010 According to US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, speaking in Melbourne yesterday: “We [the US and Australia] have a common goal of making solar energy competitive with conventional sources by the middle of this decade, 2015,” Continue reading

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Secret documents may prove guilt of British atomic test program

the papers could be the “smoking gun” that proves military chiefs knew they were sending servicemen to their deaths when they made them watch atomic blasts 50 years ago.

Release of secret documents that could bring justice to nuclear bomb veterans ordered   –, By Susie Boniface 7/11/2010 A judge has ordered the release of top secret documents that could bring justice to Britain’s nuclear bomb veterans. Continue reading

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Australian airline pilots might boycott radiation scanning

The [backscatter radiation scanning] devices are planned to be rolled out across Australia next year…The Australian and International Pilots Association says it is also considering the issue raised by the APA

Pilots boycott full-body scanners over health fears By Kate Schneider, , November 08, 2010 THE world’s largest pilot’s association has boycotted full-body scanners over health risks Continue reading

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Frequent fliers’ increased cancer risk due to ionising radiation

Experts warned passengers could be subjected to increasing risk to cancer due to such radiation levels……

Airline frequent fliers ‘radiation poisoning risks’ from space ‘solar flare’ storm activity – Telegraph By Andrew Hough 05 Nov 2010 Researchers found passengers faced the “hazard” of space radiation, which created unhealthy levels of exposure while flying at “typical cruise altitudes” of 40,000 feet. Continue reading

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Western Australian NUclear Free Alliance condemns uranium mining

The night was hosted by the newly-formed WA Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA), which groups together about 60 Aboriginal people from communities around the state.

Anti-nuclear event condemns mine plan | Green Left Weekly, November 6, 2010By Kamala Emanuel, Perth Continue reading

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