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Witness to Monte Bello nuclear tests – a sailor’s story

Monte Bello Veteran « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog,  By  Mr N.R. Batley , 30 Nov 10, “I served on HMS Narvik for the Monte Bello Islands tests the only protection we had was a piece of negative film in a flat badge type holder that we pinned on to our clothes by means of a safety pin that was allways coming lose and being lost the badge that is. At no time did we have any medical check ups or questions as to how we felt. I have a photo that would show how close to the bombs being tested we were with the only safeguard roll your sleeves down and turn your collar up on our no8 shirts. If required I would give evidence but be quick I have cancer heart trouble.” Monte Bello Veteran « Paul Langl

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  1. My father was in the Australian Navy in 1952 aboard HMAS Murchinson. He has suffered multiple cancers since including skin, prostrate, colon, lung and now liver.


    Comment by Judy Tone | April 22, 2011 | Reply

  2. my father was a Monte Bello veteran he died many years ago, I8 have cancer myself now, and would like to find out if there is any other children of the nuclear vets who now have cancer?


    Comment by Lynne webster | October 29, 2012 | Reply

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