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Australia’s Julian Assange and the ethics of nuclear power

On   nuclear-news we have already noted several nuclear issues shown by the latest Wikileaks revelations.  From the point of view of nuclear discussion, this can only be welcome. The secrecy surrounding all things nuclear is one great source of unethical actions by the uranium, nuclear, and weapons industry.

The debate rages about the ethics of Julian Assange and Wikileaks – with arguments including the possible risks raised for USA undercover agents.

(Mind you, the USA govt was quite happy to “out” one of its own agents, Valerie Plume, when her husband Joe Wilson blew the whistle on USA’s aims in invading Iraq. – see the movie “Fair Game” Fair Game (2010) – IMDb)

Julian Assange is now being pursued with all sorts of allegations and attacks on his character.  The ethics of his attackers are more questionable than his. Wikileaks next revelations are to be about the finance industry and big corporations. No wonder that they, and the nuclear industry are in a tizz about Wikileaks.

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