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Will South Australia sacrifice a national wilderness to a uranium company’s greed?

• on the Register of the National Estate
• a recognised geological monument,
• a Sanctuary under the National Parks & Wildlife Act
• an Environmental Class A zone under the Development Act

LET’S STAND UP FOR ARKAROOLA!, Amanda Rowe, 21 Jan 2011,
In 2007 mining company Marathon Resources had its exploration licence suspended after illegally dumping 22,800 bags of radioactive waste in Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and stealing Fluorite from a site classified as a Geological monument. Continue reading

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Greens congratulate Australian government on putting security obligations ahead of uranium companies’ greed

The Government has decided not to violate one of the world’s most important treaties,” said Senator Ludlam…..”Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd should be congratulated for putting Australia’s international security obligations ahead of the interests of uranium mining companies.”

Greens urge Labor to maintain principled stand on selling uranium to India, Scott Ludlam  20th January 2011, The Greens have applauded the decision of the Federal Government to reject the Indian government’s call for an end to Australia’s ban on selling uranium to India. Continue reading

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Cameco still not able yet to clean up ship’s uranium spill

the ship — the Altona — encountered several days of severe weather while crossing the Pacific Ocean to Zhanjiang, China, from Vancouver….the Cameco and federal teams inspecting the ship at Ladysmith have only been able to see the damage to the first few containers in the cargo hold.

Uranium ship likely coming to Vancouver for spill cleanup, The Vancouver Sun, by Cassandra Kyle, 20 Jan 2011, The ship containing Cameco Corp.’s spilled uranium concentrate will likely be moved to the Port of Vancouver for cleanup, Continue reading

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Wikileaks revealed the danger of selling uranium to Asia

The existing reality of massive investment in nuclear weaponry in poverty-stricken South Asia, and the potential for vastly worse outcomes, needs to be factored into debates over Australian uranium export policy……The problem is that IAEA safeguards inspections in India will at best be tokenistic.

Rolling the nuclear dice with Australian uranium The Punch, Jim Green,  December 2010, Secret US cables concerning nuclear politics in South Asia provide important context for debates over Australia’s uranium export industry…… Continue reading

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US taxpayers up for $trillion costs of nuclear wastes

Interestingly, by U.S. law, once nuclear waste is removed from the property of the utilities, it then becomes the problem of the federal government and tax payers, and no longer a liability for utilities and corporate shareholders………Somewhere between two to four trillion in U.S. tax dollars has gone to the nuclear experiment, in all its forms over the decades, but now we face very real fiscal constraints…

A blue-ribbon, “nuclear” bus ride  Mountain Xpress,Ned Ryan Doyle, 21 Jan 201“……….It’s no secret that temporary storage facilities for high level nuclear waste at our nation’s nuclear plants are at, or beyond, design capacity. Continue reading

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Sound reasons for Australia to refuse to sell uranium to India

The arms control reasons for refusing uranium sales to India are serious. The first is the damage that could be done to the NPT system…..A second reason is that Australian uranium used for power generation could free other sources of uranium for use in Indian nuclear weapons, possibly fuelling a nuclear arms race with Pakistan..

We need to strengthen, not weaken, nuclear deterrent, Sydney Morning Herald, Andy Butfoy, January 21, 2011 Australia has a sovereign right to choose its customers. REPORTS that Delhi is pressuring Canberra to sell India uranium are predictable. The arguments for selling have been well rehearsed, and vested interests have long been encouraging Australia to cash in on the opportunities being dangled before it. But to understand why, one has to go beyond the spin produced by the Indian government and the nuclear industry…. Continue reading

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France plans underwater nuclear reactors

France’s DCNS Plans Underwater Nuclear Plant, Echos Says,  Bloomberg, By Gregory Viscusi – Jan 20, 2011 France’s DCNS will study the possibility of building underwater nuclear power plants Continue reading

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