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Pro nuclear Tim Flannery is wrong choice for Climate Change communicator

While Tim Flannery is a powerful communicator to spread the message on global warming and climate change, he is far from having the full picture on the nuclear issue.   Unfortunately, the Gillard government has once again chosen a spokesman who will toe the BHP Billiton line on uranium and nuclear power.

Here are some of  Flannery’s simplistic views on the issue: Climate change is so catastrophic and imminent that only nuclear power can save us,”….”If Australia were to switch from coal to nuclear power, we would make only a small reduction (about 1 per cent) in global carbon dioxide pollution. But it would be a noble act, for our carbon dioxide pollution is devastating the entire world.”- (The Age 5/8/  2006)

“Over the next two decades, Australians could use nuclear power to replace all our coal-fired power plants. We would then have a power infrastructure like that of France, and in doing so we would have done something great for the world, for whatever risks go with a domestic nuclear power industry are local, while greenhouse gas pollution is global in its impact…..” (The Age 30/5/06)

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U.S. Republicans waging war on renewable energy

Nationally, Republican lawmakers in Congress are gunning for the Environmental Protection Agency, which has begun to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from major polluters.

Republican Goal: To Weaken Clean Power Laws:,, By Ucilia Wang Feb. 10, 2011, “……a group of Republican lawmakers are clearly moving in earnest to weaken the regulations that will add more solar, wind and other clean power sources into the national energy mix. Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson forced to eat his words on uranium to India

No to Indian uranium sales, The Age, Katharine Murphy, February 11, 2011 AUSTRALIA will not sell uranium to India until it signs a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and completes a safeguards agreement, Resources Minister Martin Ferguson says. Continue reading

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Australian Greens demand that govt come clean on uranium sales to India

Greens nuclear spokesman Scott Ludlum says it appears the government is playing a “double game”…..Labor senator Doug Cameron says Australia should not entertain the idea of trading uranium with India until the developing nation met international obligations….

Please explain uranium move, Greens demand, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Feb 2011, The Australian Greens are demanding the Gillard government explain whether it privately supports uranium sales to India. Leaked WikiLeaks cables reveal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson told US officials in 2009 a deal to supply India with nuclear fuel could be reached Continue reading

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Secret nuclear weapons project in Egypt

So why is Australian company Worley Parsons involved in building a nuclear reactor in Egypt? – C.M

Egypt has been quietly carrying out research and development on weapons of mass destruction — including nuclear

Egypt’s WMD programs complicate U.S. response, World blog, 7 Feb 2011, With Egypt in revolt and the country’s future uncertain, concern is growing over whether a new government in the Arab world’s most militarily and industrially advanced country could accelerate an arms race in one of the world’s most volatile regions. Continue reading

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Lucas Heights nuclear reactor not necessary for nuclear medicine

Australia Nuclear medicine disgrace: Comcare findings demand immediate action to clean up Lucas Heights facility – Greens February 9, 2011 — tony serve……Greens spokesperson for nuclear affairs, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said the safety issues identified by the Comcare report made it clear that “the Australian Government must look to alternate methods of isotope production”.

“We don’t need a nuclear reactor to produce medical isotopes, but phasing out the reactor will require investment in alternative technologies,” he said….Australia Nuclear medicine disgrace – Media Release: Comcare findings demand immediate action to clean up Lucas Heights facility – Greens « social justice and sustainable living – new media: tony serve blogs


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Comcare recommends radical changes to ANSTO’s nuclear operations

“……….said Senator Ludlam: “Comcare essentially vindicated Mr Reid’s original complaints about safety by recommending a radical overhaul of the way ANSTO runs its radiopharmaceutical operations.”

“ANSTO indicates that Comcare is now reviewing the report in question. The Government must ensure that the findings of that review are made public as soon as they are reached.” Senator Ludlam said. “This is an extremely grave matter. It indicates not only serious safety issues, but also what appears to be the use of disciplinary action to silence a whistle-blower.”

Comcare recommended that ANSTO; Continue reading

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China’s ruthless strategy for nuclear war

(and why are we selling uranium to this country? – C.M.)

The Chinese are planning to pile up a bulwark of irradiated corpses. “We […] will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xi’an,” said the general. “Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds … of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.”

This is how countries convince themselves to prepare for war.

Why we’re all up in arms over China, Sydney Morning Herald, John Birmingham , February 8, 2011……Politics as it is practised at the rareified levels where states manoeuvre for advantage against each other simply doesn’t factor into the thoughts of normal people.Until they pay the price for not having paid attention over all those years.. Continue reading

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Northern Territory Intervention aboriginal land grab is discriminatory

Mr Gooda criticises in particular the commonwealth’s compulsory acquisition of leases over Aboriginal land in 64 communities.

Intervention still discriminatory: Gooda, Sydney Morning Herald, Julian DrapeFebruary 10, 2011 –  Social justice commissioner Mick Gooda has attacked federal Labor over its redesign of the Northern Territory intervention, arguing key elements remain racially discriminatory. Continue reading

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South Australian Labor rejects nuclear power

“Nuclear reactors are traditionally more expensive to build than traditional energy sources and have significant environmental and cost issues associated with long-term storage and management of high level nuclear waste.

“The economics of nuclear power do not add up.

Labor blocks nuclear power bid for state, Adelaide Now Daniel Wills February 11, 2011 LABOR has blocked a push for South Australia to consider nuclear power to meet energy demands. Continue reading

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