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Pro nuclear Tim Flannery is wrong choice for Climate Change communicator

While Tim Flannery is a powerful communicator to spread the message on global warming and climate change, he is far from having the full picture on the nuclear issue.   Unfortunately, the Gillard government has once again chosen a spokesman who will toe the BHP Billiton line on uranium and nuclear power.

Here are some of  Flannery’s simplistic views on the issue: Climate change is so catastrophic and imminent that only nuclear power can save us,”….”If Australia were to switch from coal to nuclear power, we would make only a small reduction (about 1 per cent) in global carbon dioxide pollution. But it would be a noble act, for our carbon dioxide pollution is devastating the entire world.”- (The Age 5/8/  2006)

“Over the next two decades, Australians could use nuclear power to replace all our coal-fired power plants. We would then have a power infrastructure like that of France, and in doing so we would have done something great for the world, for whatever risks go with a domestic nuclear power industry are local, while greenhouse gas pollution is global in its impact…..” (The Age 30/5/06)

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