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Urgent need for Australians to wake up to nuclear “spin”

You must hand it to the Australian nuclear lobby. Frontmen Ziggy Switkowski, Barry Brook, Michael Angwin are crisscrossing the continent – bolstering the nuclear industry to selected forums of stuffed shirts.

Uranium companies – Paladin, Cameco, Toro – touting their wares, even as uranium shares plummet.

Feverish negotiating is going on to bribe  Aboriginals to lease their land for uranium mining.

But to me – the big danger at the moment is the way in which the media allows the subtle downplay of the Japanese nuclear crisis.  And more – this focus on Fukushima not being so bad -( indeed a stimulus for the nuclear industry?) – this focus is obscuring an important current trend:

As you will see, from items below –  as nuclear stagnates, renewable energy is forging ahead.

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Close Ranger uranium mine, say Australian Greens

 Australia’s Greens Want Uranium Mine Closed In Kakadu Park –, By Enda Curran  April 13, 2011| Dow Jones Newswires SYDNEY – Australia’s Greens Party wants the Ranger uranium mine located in the country’s Kakadu National Park closed permanently, saying the mine poses a significant threat to the world heritage listed site.

The mine, located in the country’s Northern Territory and operated by Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA.AU), has been closed since January as heavy rains threatened a spillage of toxins from a water storage facility. That closure had been extended until late July.

Mining operations at the Ranger open pit mine are already scheduled to cease by the end of 2012, but the Greens want than plan sped up and for the company to drop its intention for acid leach processing.

“ERA should abandon this plan and close the mine,” Senator Scott Ludlam, Greens nuclear energy spokesman said in a statement….Australia’s Greens Want Uranium Mine Closed In Kakadu Park –

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Some time before truth of Fukushima radiation is known

Global Radiation Levels ‘No Longer Negligible’ In Milk, Water, Produce Care 2, by: Beth Buczynski 15 April 11,  A French research authority on radioactivity is now warning expectant European mothers and young children to avoid drinking milk or rainwater, while EPA data released on Sunday shows that at least three different milk samples — all from different parts of the US — have tested positive for radioactive Iodine-131 at levels that exceed the current maximum thresholds for safety.

The radiation risk from Fukushima is “no longer negligible,” says CRIIRAD, the French agency. Two weeks ago, the FDA began blocking imports of some Japanese milk and produce.

CRIIRAD told Europeans that eating these items qualifies as “risky behavior.”….
it may still be some time until we learn the true extent of the contamination…
Global Radiation Levels ‘No Longer Negligible’ In Milk, Water, Produce

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Use half carbon tax money to fund renewable energy infrastructure

   Decarbonising Australia requires large infrastructure like high-speed rail, smart grids, new transmission lines, electric vehicle recharge stations, and baseload solar power plants. Regardless of whether Australia gets a carbon price, public investment will still be needed to fund the infrastructure that is currently beyond the capacity of the private sector to deliver alone.    

  Securing climate credibilityThe Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Leigh Ewbank,  15 April 11, In a speech to the National Press Club yesterday, Climate Minister Greg Combet announced that the government would devote half of the carbon tax revenue for compensating households………………Politics aside, the question now remains – what should they do with the remainder of the revenue? Continue reading

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Victoria’s community wind farm launched

Hepburn Wind co-operative members will share in the proceeds of the sale of electricity and a portion of profits will be returned to the local area via a community sustainability fund. Through the fund, Hepburn Wind plans to provide more than $1 million for sustainability initiatives in the local community over the next 25 years.

Wind Farm erected , Eco Generation, 13 April 2011 Both turbines have now been erected at Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy project at Leonards Hill, 10 km south of Daylesford, Victoria. Continue reading

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Post nuclear economy showcased at huge trade fair

one thing is certain: “Growth is in renewables.”   ..The view was echoed around the vast Hanover International Trade Fair, where the latest in industrial technology was displayed.

  German Firms Move Toward Postnuclear Economy By JUDY DEMPSEYApril 14, 2011 HANOVER, Germany — Josef Mehrer, a family-owned German company established more than 120 years ago, has survived by adapting with the times….In the early 1990s, the company placed a bet on the renewable energy sector Continue reading

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Australia-China renewable energy company

the new company would be viable in the absence of a carbon price, but that a clear carbon signal would provide the long-term certainty to promote investment in clean energy.

Australia’s CBD Energy and Chinese companies soon to form AUD6bn renewable JV | Industrial Fuels and Power April 14th, 2011  Australia’s CBD Energy together with China Datang Renewable Power Co and Tianwei Baobian Electric Co are looking to form a joint venture called AusChina Energy Development. Continue reading

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Fukushima nuclear plant is critically dangerous

“The slightest disturbance could set off a full-scale meltdown at three nuclear power stations, far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl… you’re looking at basically a ticking time bomb.”……now you have these Japanese samurai warriors. They know that this is potentially a suicide mission.

Fukushima Daiichi Is a ‘Ticking Time BombHUFFINGTON POST, 04/14/11 “……”Radiation is continuing to leak out of the reactors. The situation is not stable at all,” says Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and the City College of New York, in an interview with Democracy Now! April 13. Continue reading

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Australia leading in renewable energy research

VIDEO   7.30 – ABC    Aussie scientists lead race for renewable fuel 7.30 –   ABC , 14 April 11, LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: With the price of fuel hitting $1.50 a litre, there’s a growing push to develop renewable alternatives. Scientists in Australia are part of the global race to develop new biofuels. In fact researchers here claim to be leading the world with a project turning waste into oil. But investment in such technologies is slow while industries wait for further detail on the proposed carbon tax. Continue reading

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Big drop in value of uranium companies

Uranium Producers in Takeover Play as Assets Exceed Share Price:U3O8, April 14, 2011  — Uranium companies from Toro Energy Ltd. (TOE) to Mega Uranium Ltd. (MGA) are so depreciated they’re trading at less than their assets would be worth in a fire sale. …..Toro, which is seeking to develop the Wiluna deposit in Western Australia, fell to 0.88 times the value of its assets minus liabilities from 1.09 times during the same span, the data show….
Toro is awaiting regulatory approval for its $278 million Wiluna uranium mine.
‘Big Drop’  “We’ve had a big drop because we’re in the development doldrums and people know we’ll need to raise money for Wiluna’s development in 2012,” Chief Executive Officer Greg Hall said in an interview.

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