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Australia leading in renewable energy research

VIDEO   7.30 – ABC    Aussie scientists lead race for renewable fuel 7.30 –   ABC , 14 April 11, LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: With the price of fuel hitting $1.50 a litre, there’s a growing push to develop renewable alternatives. Scientists in Australia are part of the global race to develop new biofuels. In fact researchers here claim to be leading the world with a project turning waste into oil. But investment in such technologies is slow while industries wait for further detail on the proposed carbon tax. Rebecca Baillie reports……
REBECCA BAILLIE: Using hot water, high pressure and extreme temperatures, Sydney University scientists and engineers at Ignite Energy are converting a worthless forestry by-product into oil.

THOMAS MASCHMEYER: We can have fuels which are stable. They are liquid, they are storable, they are transportable and they are blendable, and that’s a revolutionary breakthrough and that is what no-one else in the world can do.

REBECCA BAILLIE: Professor Thomas Maschmeyer says the process could work with any biomass, from bamboo to algae. What’s more, the liquid biocrude can be processed into drop-in transport fuels at conventional refineries.

So this beaker here, the end of the process, that can be pumped straight into a car?

THOMAS MASCHMEYER: Absolutely, into a car, into an aeroplane or into a large diesel engine.
7.30 – ABC

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