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John Howard and John White’s plan for Australia to import nuclear waste

Australian Strategic Partnership With The US | Independent Australia, 19 April 11,”.…….Howard and his chief nuclear adviser at the time, Dr. John White, were ready to come to the USA’s rescue back in 2006. Both were involved in the developmentof  the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, especially White who developed the Business Plan for GNEP.Julie Macken’s articles in the Australian Financial Review detailed the plan: Nuclear waste, including plutonium from the weapons industry would be transported to Darwin by submarine.  From there, it would be transferred to Serco Asia Pacific’s Great Southern Railway and transported by train to a supposedly geologically secure destination.  Maralinga or Savoury Basin was the bet. Continue reading

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Uranium mining is not like other mining

WANFA believes that the costs of uranium mining far outweigh any short term cash payment. We can’t close the gap by increasing the number of radioactive holes in the ground.  Aboriginal people should not have to sacrifice the country of future generations, for basic health, education and infrastructure. There are far more jobs and opportunities in a conservation and culture economy, and in caring for country.

 “We Can’t Close the Gap by Digging a Deeper Hole” WA Nuclear Free Alliance Conference Statement: The Western Australia Nuclear Free Alliance (WANFA), made up of Aboriginal Traditional Land Owners from the Pilbara, the Kimberley, the Goldfields, the Great Victoria Desert, the Central Desert, the Gascoyne, Perth and the South West and their allies, met from 2-4 April 2011 on Noongar lands near Perth.

Since the beginning of time, Aboriginal people have been the proud custodians of our land Australia.  Still today, with new technology, new ways and new friends, Aboriginal people continue looking after country.  In Western Australia looking after country means preventing uranium mining. Continue reading

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End self-regulation of uranium mines: ERA can’t be trusted

The situation at Ranger added weight to his calls for an end to self-regulation of the Northern Territory’s resources sector.

“Mining companies have consistently shown they can’t be trusted to monitor themselves and the government needs to step in and end this ridiculous situation immediately.”

Uranium mine shutdown sparks environmental fears, Sydney Morning Herald, Lindsay Murdoch DarwinApril 19, 2011 THE largest Aboriginal organisation in northern Australia has warned the Rio Tinto-controlled company Energy Resources of Australia against cutting corners on environmental protection during an emergency shutdown of its Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park. Continue reading

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Nuclear industry trying now to sell untested quick fixes

Trying desperately to keep itself alive at whatever cost and whatever risk to present and future human and other life on the planet, the nuclear industry has retreated into its laager mentality with technology gimmicks ranging from thorium and other non-uranium fuelled reactors, fusion reactors, and fast breeder reactors. Although no commercial – that is non subsidized and large scale – versions of these quick fixes exist, the high tech sheen on these claimed alternatives is enough to beguile some weak minded, uninformed and gullible persons

The Nuclear Power Mercantilist Myth :: The Market Oracle :: By Andrew McKillop, 19 April 11“……As we know today, the old nuclear nations which first developed atomic energy from the 1950s and 1960s have rapidly ageing and unsure reactor fleets. By the 2020-2030 period dozens of these reactors will have to be taken out of service. And then what ? Industry terminology for this includes the keywords Safestore, dismantling, entombment and sarcophages – all of which translate to extreme high costs both in the short term and on a recurring basis. This also assumes there will be linked and secure long-term high level radioactive waste ultimate repositories, such as the constantly abandoned US Yucca Mountain project, abandoned mainly because of its extreme high cost. Continue reading

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Plan for Australia as international radioactive waste dump

The head of the World Nuclear Association, John Ritch, is one of the many foreign corporate voices calling for Australia to accept the world’s nuclear

Territorians clearly have reason to be concerned that the proposed Muckaty dump will be the thin edge of an extremely hazardous wedge.

Foreign nuclear waste, by Dr Jim Green, 19 April 11,  Federal resources minister Martin Ferguson says that high-level nuclear waste from other countries will not be dumped at the proposed Muckaty site in the Territory Continue reading

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Liberal Party’s plan for Australia as world’s nuclear waste dump

Is the nuclear dump option, which has never been fully shelved by the Liberals, the secret bullet?

We know that storing nuclear waste will be incredibly lucrative, for all concerned, including the nation (and certain Liberal Party donors).

Tony Abbott must be asked to stop the uncertainty and come clean:

Does the Liberal Party plan to turn Australia into the repository for the world’s most dangerous waste? If not, say so and say it clearly, preferably using “carefully prepared, scripted notes”.

Plans for Australia to become the world’s nuclear waste dump
Australian Strategic Partnership With The US | Independent Australia, 19 April 11, “…….Howard’s legacy lives on
Howard may have gone but the legacy of his nuclear fantasy lives on in the true style of things radioactive.

…….  Abbott worships John Howard.  In return, like all good fathers, Howard has provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to set Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party up for life—if Tony seizes his big chance before the other contender, Russia, does. Continue reading

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Malaysian call for Australia to take back radioactive thorium wastes

Protesters said the plant would produce high amounts of the radioactive waste thorium that will endanger them and future generations…….”Malaysia should not be the dumping ground for radioactive waste. We reject the waste and we want Australia to take back

MALAYSIA Radiation Fears Fuel Protest, IPS, By Baradan Kuppusamy KUANTAN, Apr 18, 2011 (IPS) – Fears of radioactive poisoning have fuelled a protest against an Australian mining company building the world’s largest rare earth processing plant outside China. The protest is directed at Lynas Corp., which will ship rare earth ore from its mine in Port Weld, Western Australia, for processing in the plant in Gebeng outside this city, a fishing port some 250 kilometres north of capital Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading

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