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John Howard and John White’s plan for Australia to import nuclear waste

Australian Strategic Partnership With The US | Independent Australia, 19 April 11,”.…….Howard and his chief nuclear adviser at the time, Dr. John White, were ready to come to the USA’s rescue back in 2006. Both were involved in the developmentof  the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, especially White who developed the Business Plan for GNEP.Julie Macken’s articles in the Australian Financial Review detailed the plan: Nuclear waste, including plutonium from the weapons industry would be transported to Darwin by submarine.  From there, it would be transferred to Serco Asia Pacific’s Great Southern Railway and transported by train to a supposedly geologically secure destination.  Maralinga or Savoury Basin was the bet.

The extended rail line from Darwin to Adelaide was now in place but further hurdles had to be dealt with.  Massive changes to current legislation at the time would be needed.

The Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2005 and subsequent amendments (2006) were passed in December 2006.  The Bill effectively overrides territory government laws, neutralizes environment and heritage legislation, limits indigenous land rights and transfers powers to the Minister to nominate nuclear waste dump sites.

The ANSTO Bill passed around the same time gave ANSTO the power to transport and manage nuclear waste dumps.  Critically it gave ANSTO the power to accept waste generated outside Australia.

Later legislation removed the last of the obstacles to the plan which included overriding state and territory powers. In overriding the Native Title Act, the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act prevented traditional owners from appealing against a nuclear waste dump on their land.

Plans for Australia to become world’s nuclear waste dump | Independent Australia

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