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Australian Greens call for phase out of uranium mining

 “Nuclear power advocates need to ask themselves if they really believe this will be the last time this happens, or if they too have grave fears about the 436 obsolete and uninsurable nuclear power stations dotted around the world.”…”Today I join with civil society groups and governments around the world with grave concerns to demand an end to this toxic and unnecessary industry.”

25 years on: lessons of Chernobyl still ignored by supporters of nuclear power,   27 April 11, On the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Australian Greens have renewed demands for a phase-out of uranium mining and nuclear power. Continue reading

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Corruption and collusion in Japan’s nuclear heirarchy

Revolving Door In Japan, the web of connections between the nuclear industry and government officials is now popularly referred to as the “nuclear power village.” The expression connotes the non-transparent, collusive interests that underlie the establishment’s push to increase nuclear power…nuclear industry officials, bureaucrats, politicians and scientists — have prospered by rewarding one another with construction projects, lucrative positions, and political, financial and regulatory support.

Safety Left Out in Japan’s ‘Nuclear Power Village, Culture of Complicity Tied to Stricken Nuclear Plant, New York Times, By NORIMITSU ONISHI and KEN BELSON April 26, 2011, TOKYO — “…….as troubles at the plant and fears over radiation continue to rattle the nation, the Japanese are increasingly raising the possibility that a culture of complicity made the plant especially vulnerable to the natural disaster that struck the country on March 11… Continue reading

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South Australia putting all its eggs into uranium basket?

the proposed $21 billion Olympic Dam mine expansion as a future prospect……..”It is expected BHP Billiton will say yes in early 2012 despite the potential for recent developments to affect the future of Japan’s nuclear energy sector – then it would become the world’s largest mine,” the report says. “These prospects shimmer in the future.”

State’s future in mining just became brighter, Greg Kelton , The Advertiser, April 27, 2011 SOUTH Australia will one day be “a titan of the global resource landscape” but is fighting to keep manufacturing jobs, an economic report says. Continue reading

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Strong and continuing decline in uranium share prices

The average uranium equity has declined 34.4 percent, with the majority of share prices weakening more than 30 percent.

Uranium Equities Lagging in Recovery, By Dave Brown – Uranium Investing News, 27 April 11, The full impact of the Japanese  earthquake and tsunami is yet to be determined. However, the immediate downside pressure on uranium mining, exploration and development companies and even spot uranium prices has been considerable. Continue reading

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Call for political action on dispossession of Aboriginal land

The core of the latter legal application will focus on the absolute dispossession of Aboriginal lands that has caused us to become internally displaced Peoples and refugees………this country was and always will be Aboriginal land………

Call for dramatic return to proactive political action at Aboriginal summit, Indymedia Australia, By Michael Anderson and Ellie Gilbert, Canberra, 25 April 2011, Anzac Day — The Aboriginal New Way Sovereignty Summit here over Easter was informed that given the state of Aboriginal Affairs in this country today it is now time to make a dramatic return to proactive political action. Continue reading

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