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Canberra led in Australia, in what was, globally, the biggest Earth Hour action ever held

 It was the biggest Earth Hour since the symbolic action began in Australia five years ago.

Hour out of this world, Ewa Kretowicz, April 1, 2012 EARTH Hour is not just appealing to people on this planet. The environmental campaign that started in Sydney just a few years ago made its way beyond Earth itself yesterday.
For the first time there were people taking part from the International Space Station, about 390 kilometres above the planet. Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers had the perfect spot to watch Earth Hour
unfold around the globe from his seat on the station…

.. Canberrans have led the nation for the past three years with almost 60 per cent of residents taking part. Nationally, 41 per cent of the population turned off electrical appliances at the wall and used alternative sources of light.
The distinctive illumination running up the flagpole at Parliament
House was turned off at 8.30pm, but the flag remained lit, a focal
point on an otherwise dark hill. The High Court, the National Gallery
and the National Library flicked the switch and the Anzac Parade and
War Memorial lights dimmed….. It was the biggest Earth Hour since
the symbolic action began in Australia five years ago.
Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the Great Wall of China and
the Tokyo Tower were all plunged into darkness for 60 minutes at
8.30pm. WWF’s national manager of brand marketing and innovation,
Marni Ryan, said the event was growing each year.
”In 2011, 40 per cent of the nation’s population, so nine million
people, took part,” Ms Ryan said.
The environmental campaigner celebrated Earth Hour at an unplugged
event in Sydney. She said it was a celebration of people power and the
world’s largest mass protest in support of the planet.
Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, aiming to send a powerful message
for action on climate change and to celebrate the planet.


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