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Fear and loathing of renewable energy, on the part of BHP, Rio Tinto etc, and South Australia’s Liberal Party

  2 April 12, Miners attack  Clean Energy Finance Corporation . South Australian Liberals raise hindrances to wind energy development

You can understand it. On the one hand, a corporation’s sole purpose is to make money for its shareholders, especially in the short term. For the Liberal Party, the goal is to please its main backers.

With July 1st looming closer,there is a danger that the Gillard government’s carbon tax, complete with its compensations, will be a success.  Worse still – its renewable energy provisions might take off, and become very successful – as renewable energy has become elsewhere led by Germany.

We can’t have that!.   So,  A coalition of nine mining groups,  including BHP and Rio Tinto,  demands that Labor’s $10bn Clean Energy Finance Corporation and renewable energy target be ‘reconsidered’ (reported in THE AUSTRALIAN today)

Meanwhile in South Australia, a Parliamentary Inquiry, pushed for by Liberal Opposition frontbencher David Ridgway , will study the distress and discomfort caused by wind turbines, to nearby communities.

I find it quite  amazing that the Liberal Party enthuses not only over uranium mining, but over the possibility of nuclear power plants and radioactive waste importation –   the cancer-causing hazards of the nuclear industry don’t seem to bother them.

Well. not nearly as much as the risk of renewable energy being an economic success. – Christina Macpherson


April 2, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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