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Promoting renewable energy from the grassroots – The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Generation Y promote renewable energy BY CALLAN LAWRENCE, 07 Jun, 2012   IF climate change does pan out, with oceans rising, rivers drying and storms causing havoc, it will be Generation Y that lives it, so they are trying to stop it.
The Australian Youth Climate Coalition has small groups in Parramatta and Blacktown to help change how western Sydney is powered. Business by business, school by school, the group of youth wants to convert people to “green” power.
Granville resident and Parramatta climate coalition convener Amy Gordon, 22, said they wanted to raise money to reduce the community footprint.

“We go out in to the community and approach local businesses, whether it’s a cafe, a school or a not-for-profit organisation, and create some sort of event,” she said. “It could be a mufti day, or a band event or whatever, to try and
raise $1000 and help them switch to renewable energy. “It’s about raising an awareness in our own community . . . “it’s
really inspiring to see change from the grassroots up.”

The coalition has worked with inner-west Sydney businesses for two years but Parramatta High School was the first organisation in the region to take part. Deputy principal Paul Taylor said Ms Gordon spoke to students about the environment. “They came away very enthusiastic and empowered from the whole experience,” Mr Taylor said. Students have introduced water and energy saving measures to the school and plan a media campaign.

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