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The week that was – nuclear news Australia

Can’t help it – I’ve had to go mostly for renewable energy news – so much more is really happening – world-wide – and on the brink in Australia.  It’s happening at the grassroots – with solar panels popping up on more and more houses , and with campaigners like the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. New survey shows that 94% of Australians want big solar power development.

Threat to unique Australian species – the beautiful GIANT CUTTLEFISH. Olympic Damn uranium mine and its associated desalination plant will almost certainly mean the extinction of this animal, as it requires exquisitely balanced salt/freshwater content in its breeding ground in North Spencer Gulf. Martin Ferguson lobbied successfully, on behalf of BHP, for weakening of environmental protection there

Airport scanners.  Australia is getting the non radiation “millimetre radio wave” type, not the radiation “backscatter” type. (as wrongly reported recently in Herald Sun)

Uranium sales to India – new survey shows that a whopping majority of Austtralians oppose this.

Julian Assange. PRIME Minister Julia Gillard, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and Foreign Minister Bob Carr all  mouth a few platitudes about supporting Assange.  But in reality Gillard and the Australian government have been hand in glove with the USA in its plans to convict him of espionage.

Olympic Dam – massive proposed new uranium mine is in doubt. It’s the dream baby of Marius Kloppers, CEO of BHP Billiton, who is now having to back-pedal about this development.  Analysts are betting on Olympic Dam being the least likely to go ahead, out of of BHP’s $80 billion expansion plans .

Victoria and New South Wales Wind energy development being stalled , due to government policies designed to do exactly that.

South Australia. Wind power is powering ahead here., and providing “baseload” power. Despite the propaganda from  this State’s Nuclear enthusiast Barry Brook, Premier Jay Weatherill stated that nuclear power is not a viable option.

Queensland. Tony Abbott joins forces with Premier Campbell Newman is his campaign  to remove federal environmental safeguards on new projects, while the State’s Minister for Environment,  Andrew Powell  announces  his scepticism about climate change

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