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Olympic Dam anti uranium protest 12 July

from David Bradbury 4 p.m 12 July Just got call through to Kelly at base camp. Police say anyone who uses the Oodinatta track to go south to Roxby from present base camp on Uncle Kevins country will be fined $1500. Not a bad earn for our neutral Guardians of Democracy: the SA police force. At that rate they won’t have to rely on BHPB’s miserable tax rate royalties to keep SA Inc afloat. Just keep fining the ‘ferals’ and ‘Greenies’.

from David Bradbury 3 p.m 12 July Jarminji at the wheel.42 Kms from Port Augusta…and 4hrs approx from police blockade just south of Roxby. Reports of lots of cop cars and scores of police ‘everywhere’ to thwart protest camp being set up at mine entrance -proverbial Gates of Hell.

from David Bradbury 2.p.m 12 July
  Nearing Port Augysta. Four hours south of Roxby. Received word this morning cops now also blockading this southern road from PA to Rox. Cops searching cars and quizzing drivers etc for reason going to Rox. If not ‘legit’ reason, turned back. Welcome to SA police state. Feels more like redneck Qld under Jo Bjelke of 30 years ago.

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