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The Lizard’s Revenge – protest against Olympic Damn Uranium Mine – HOT NEWS

This is a special week for Australia.  Pretty much ignored by the mainstream media, BHP Billiton prepares to
squander  $30 billion of their investors’ money on an economically dubious Biggest Man-Made Hole in the world –  Olympic Dam open cut uranium mine, at Roxby Downs, South Australia.

To be the biggest uranium mine in the world – the project also puts BHP above the law in Australia – exempted from laws in Aboriginal Heritage, Environment, Water Management, and Freedom of Information.

All this barely touches public awareness, in Australia’s media Murdochracy.

But this week, BHP will not enjoy its usual freedom from public scrutiny.

Across the Generations.   At anti-nuclear rallies in South Australia, Japan, and Taiwan, there’s an interesting mix of the young and the old.  As with Climate Change, it is youth who will later pay the price of the world’s polluting nuclear industry. It is “Generation Y” who are actively opposing nuclear power, along with older generations, who remember Chernobyl, even Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A bit like the nuclear lobby – that tries on the one hand to convince the world that old, “Generation II” nuclear reactors can keep ongoing safely, and that new untested “Generation IV” nuclear reactors will be safe.    Neither of those human generations believe these nuclear lobby lies Christina Macpherson

July 12, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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  1. What a disgrace that SA’s police are being mobilised to gag free speech while South Australia’s jail population is at unprecedented levels and with a critical shortage of beds for mentally ill inmates. This is the state whose justice system has the highest remand rate of any state, with one in three prisoners unsentenced in prisons.

    And I’ve recently been advised that there is an influential gang of three in South Australia who are puttying up the cracks in the uranium (and nuclear industry). I am old enough to know that providing uranium to other countries by converting the source nation into a radioactive wasteland has been the practice of third world despots. Shame on you South Australia – Greed+Ignorance+Ecocide = Disaster.


    Comment by Grandmother of four | July 12, 2012 | Reply

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