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South Australia – welcome to police state

from David Bradbury  13 July About 20 Kms from Roxby. Got pulled over by cops sure enough and breath an drug tested. Once over of Jarmaji’s vehicle. Didn’t dare give J a hard time with two cameras rolling on them all the time. One cop took exception to me filming him filming but didn’t give ground to him. Can imagine J’s situation dreads old car beard and Aboriginal had we not been there. Cops reported to have concrete blocked in and our protestors camp on private land at new base camo. We’ll soon see.

from David Bradbury 8 p.m 12 July Nearing Port Augusta. Four hours south of Roxby. Received word this morning cops now also blockading this southern road from PA to Rox. Cops searching cars and quizzing drivers etc for reason going to Rox. If not ‘legit’ reason, turned back. Welcome to SA police state.

July 14, 2012 - Posted by | General News

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