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Lizards Revenge update from camp Sunday 15th July 2012

An estimated 400 people marched to the gates of the Olympic Dam uranium mine today, marking the first day of the Lizards Revenge music and arts festival of resistance.

The overkill of police escorts did not dampen the festival atmosphere, and despite road blocks preventing access to the camp site forcing vehicles to be escorted in by police, the numbers at camp continue to grow.

Organisers estimate that 500 people are camping in the sand dunes at the festival site. Phot below from Roxby Downs Sun

Forty acts are confirmed to perform at the festival, including bands, cabaret and dance. All musicians will be using a solar and wind powered sound system, showcasing alternatives to dirty energy such as coal and uranium.

 Sunday events at the festival include a “Zombie Walk” to the gates of Olympic Dam, leaving camp at 2pm.

Contact:  Nectaria Calan 0432 388 665 Photos available on request

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More from David Bradbury – Day 1 at the Lizards Revenge anti uranium festival

As if to make a mockery of the so called autonomy of the recent award of Native Title to his people, Kevin Buzzacott (pictured)  had to get a permit from the police to drive down on a public road from his home to the north here to join the protestors yesterday.

So end of daylight going into music and dance celebration tonight and all is good. Very friendly feeling amongst everyone as people get to know their neighbors in pitched tents next to them. People chatting around camp fires, reviewing their part and impressions of today’s great march to the mine entrance gates where people dressed in very colorful outfits and hairstyles Bollywood and danced their booties off. Some amazing break dancing on the road to a very appreciative audience.

The cops who were thick in presence looked on stoney faced from behind the BHP wire and off to the sides. The cost to the taxpayer for this over policed event must be phenomenal. But we love the Land. We love the country. We know why we are here to protect country and the Future. As Uncle Kevin said at utoday’s press conference, “one bulldozer and 40,000 years is gone”.

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Anti uranium music and arts festival opens today at BHP BIlliton’s Olympic Damn uranium mine

LIZARD’S REVENGE KICKS OFF AT OLYMPIC DAM  Saturday 14th July  Protestors continue to gather for the Lizards Revenge music and arts festival at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine. The event officially begins today and is scheduled to run for the next five days.

The event will open with a welcome to country. At 11.00 am Uncle Kevin Buzzacott will be holding a press conference at the camp, and at 12.30 pm there will be a march to the gates of the mine. The music will start in the afternoon, featuring musicians from around the country. The event will showcase sustainable energies such as solar and wind power.

“We have full authority to be here from senior Kokatha custodians,” said Uncle Kevin Buzzacott.

“People worldwide are against the nuclear industry, especially since Fukushima. It’s in the public interest to close the mine. People need to look and learn how deadly this industry is. The sooner it stops the better. We are here to make a strong stand for country, and are fighting to save our sacred land. If people really knew what they were destroying they wouldn’t touch it,” he continued.

“Whilst the police have publicly stated that our right to protest will be upheld, policing approaches to date have set an unreasonable precedent for depriving people of their civil liberties and their right to engage in political demonstration and communication,” said Nectaria Calan.

“After key details relating to the protest have been publicly available for a number of months, those seeking to participate have arrived to discover road blocks preventing access to the site and a ‘protected area’ declaration, under the Protective Security Act, that suspends their freedom of movement, rights to privacy, and other civil liberties.”

“Protesters currently have to obtain permission to leave and enter the camp site. By barricading the main access road to the site, police are forcing attendees to be escorted through the protected area, allowing police to require people in vehicles to provide evidence of their identification.”

“This is an extraordinary infringement on civil liberties. Peaceful demonstration and political communication is not a criminal act. Such moves by the police contradict their public statements that they will respect our right to protest.”

“Despite over-policing and ongoing harassment of those travelling to the event, extending as far as road blocks in Port Augusta, numbers at camp continue to grow,” continued Ms Calan.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott said, “If people want to learn how to love the land and make peace, they are welcome to come here and join us.” Contact: Nectaria Calan 0432 388 665 Please meet at the silver media caravan at the camp for the press conference with Uncle Kevin

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Police intercept anti uranium protestors arriving near Roxby Downs, South Australia

Police brace for five-day Olympic Dam protest BY: MARK SCHLIEBS The Australian July 14, 2012 “……Protest organiser Nectaria Calan said yesterday that, by 4.30pm local time, 200 activists had gathered at a makeshift campground about 2km from the gates to the mine, with several more busloads making their way to the site.

Police were stopping vehicles at roadblocks around the mine and escorting them to the camp. “They’re bringing people around to here with a police escort,” Ms Calan said. “People are starting to feel a little bit unsafe and it’s a fairly hostile step by the police.”

She said protesters would march to the gates this morning, but what they would do after that was still to be decided.

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Huge police presence, and iron fence, as Japanese govt deals with anti nuclear protest

Japanese Journalist: “Like Palestine” at Tokyo protest — ‘Iron fence’ erected as last resort of Prime Minister’s regime   By ENENews    Ryusaku Tanaka’s Journal  from July 13, 2012 translated by Dissensus Japan:

In front of the Prime Minister’s Office, it became like Palestine.

See more pictures of Friday’s Tokyo anti nuclear protest at

During the meeting against the restarting of nuclear power that happens every friday, the police separated the sidewalk from the roadway with iron fences after having considered it was dangerous that people overflow on the roadway (It happened at the meeting last week and two weeks ago). The jurisdiction, Enforcement Division of Kôjimachi Police station explained in a phone interview: “It’s for the security of the crowd”. But isn’t it the same thing than to surround palestinian people saying that It’s to avoid terrorism? As I went to report about the wall of Palestine since the process of its plan, I couldn’t help comparing it.

The movement against the policy of Noda’s regime to promote nuclear power spreads. They don’t want people to have this image. It seems that their worries are increasing much stronger because the snap general election will be hold soon. Their plant scheme succeeded at first glance.

The iron fence is the last resort of PM Noda’s regime and of the Police and has a very bad reputation among the protesters.

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Britain about to risk yet another nuclear reprocessing fiasco?

Pete Wilkinson, an independent environmental consultant, said it “beggared belief” that ministers were going down this path after losing an estimated £600m from operating an original MOX plant.

“It would be interesting to see the commercial arrangements which justify turning Britain into a nuclear waste dump for plutonium that no-one else wants.”

UK nuclear authority takes ownership of German plutonium UK risks becoming a ‘nuclear laundry’ looking after unwanted waste from other countries, warns industry expert Terry Macalister, 13 July 2012  Britain risks being turned into a “nuclear laundry” by taking ownership of German plutonium in return for cash, the government was warned on Friday.

The move came along with confirmation that ministers were moving towards a controversial decision to build a new mixed oxide fuel (MOX) plant despite having just agreed to close an existing one which lost millions of pounds.

Britain has the largest stockpile of plutonium in the world but has taken permanent control of a further 4 tonnes under a deal with German nuclear power companies.. Continue reading

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VIDEO Problems in closing down Fukushima nuclear reactor No.3 – high radiation

VIDEO Robot probe detects high radiation at No.3 reactor  The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has detected high levels of radiation in the basement of the No. 3 reactor, with a maximum dose of 360 millisieverts per hour.

Tokyo Electric Power Company sent in a robot on Wednesday to the room where the suppression chamber is located. It was the first robot to probe this area of the plant. TEPCO released video taken inside. They show that a door on the southwestern side is broken. There is no other apparent damage or sign of water leakage.

But high levels of radiation were detected. Readings exceeded 100 millisieverts per hour in a number of locations. Average levels were higher than those in the No.2 reactor.

Engineers lost control of the remote-controlled robot after around 3 hours of operation. They say there are problems with the connecting cable and they’ve been unable to regain control.
TEPCO officials say they have no option but to leave the robot where it is for the time being.

This may pose a problem to the utility’s efforts to decommission the reactor. The operators are in a hurry to identify and repair damage to the reactor’s suppression chamber and containment vessel. They want to pump in water in order to remove the melted fuel lying at the bottom.

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India tests nuclear-capable Agni-I missile South Asian News Agency (SANA) ⋅ July 13, 2012 ⋅  ALASORE,   India on Friday successfully test-fired its indigenously developed nuclear capable Agni-I ballistic missile, with a strike range of 700 km, as part of the Army’s user trial from a test range at Wheeler Island off Odisha coast..

.. The trajectory of the missile, which has an operational strike range of 700 km, was tracked by sophisticated radars and electro-optic telemetry stations located along the sea coast and ships positioned near the impact point in the downrange area.

Weighing 12 tonnes, the 15-metre-long Agni-I, which can carry payloads up to 1000 kg, has already been inducted into the Indian Army.

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USA ski resorts take to renewable energy, acting to address climate change

Ski resorts go renewable U.S. ski resorts tap renewable energy sources to combat climate change Action Sports  July 13, 2012,   By Jesse Huffman  As the volatility of the 2011-12 season made clear, the stake ski resort’s have in resolving climate change is a big one. Over the past three years, resorts like Bolton , Burke , Jiminy Peak  and Grouse Mountain  have installed wind turbines, while others have pursued efficiency updates, in an effort to take responsibly produce, and reduce, the power and heat involved in swinging chairs and heating lodges all winter long. Now, four more areas, from local ski hills in the Northeast to major resorts in the Rockies, have installed or invested in renewable power sources ranging from solar to biomass to coalmine methane.

Smuggler’s Notch  closed early this winter after a spring meltdown saw the highest March temperatures in Vermont’s history. The same solar energy that drove skiers and riders batty as it took away their snow is now being put to use by an array of 35 solar trackers, which collectively produce 205,000 kWh per year — around five percent of Smuggler’s total electrical use. The array provides enough juice for most of the resort’s Village Lodge. Continue reading

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70,000 scientists wrong about climate science, says Queensland’s Liberal/National Party

Scientists reject LNP school move July 14, 2012 Adam Morton and Daniel Hurst A BODY representing nearly 70,000 Australian scientists has criticised a Queensland Liberal National Party resolution calling for mainstream climate science to be cut from the state’s school curriculum.
LNP delegates at the party’s state conference passed a motion yesterday calling on Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek to stop the teaching of ”environmental propaganda material, in particular post-normal science about climate change”. The mover of the motion, Noosa LNP member Richard Pearson, attacked ”false prophets who would poison the minds of our children in our schools”.
”Few people understand that the so-called science of climate change is really what can be defined as post-normal science,” he said, arguing it went beyond traditional understanding of science. The motion was passed with overwhelming support.

Anna-Maria Arabia, chief executive of Science & Technology Australia, called the resolution ”extremely harmful”. The central principles of climate science – including that man-made greenhouse gases trap heat in the lower atmosphere and have warmed the planet – were backed by all the world’s major scientific academies.

”The message this sends is ‘we do not treat the science as an issue of testing ideas, we treat it as a belief system’,” Ms Arabia said. ”We shouldn’t be telling students that testing ideas is propaganda and that there is ‘post-normal science’, whatever that means.” Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said MPs had not decided whether to act on the resolution. ”We will always do the right thing by Queenslanders ahead of the LNP,” he said.

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Electric cars for Australia will use predominantly renewable energy

GM’s Holden, Better Place reach charging-station agreement for Australia  By Danny King  Autoblog Green Jul 13th 2012 Better Place is going from Israel and Denmark to the Land Down Under. The progenitors of electric-vehicle battery-swapping systems have reached a deal with General Motors’ Holden division in Australia to provide EV-charging stations that can be used by drivers of the Holden (née Chevrolet ) Volt  extended-range plug-in.

Better Place will provide so-called “membership packages” for Volt drivers while installing charging stations, including a bunch at Holden Volt dealers. Better Place also said it would work with the Australian government at ensuring that much of the energy used by the charging stations will come from renewable sources for true emissions-free driving (for the first 35 miles or so, anyway).

Better Place recently said that EVs using its battery-swapping systems in Israel and Denmark have surpassed one million kilometers (625,000 miles) driven via Better Place-supplied power. The company has an agreement with Renault to use the French automaker’s Fluence Z.E. EVs for the project…..

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South Australia – welcome to police state

from David Bradbury  13 July About 20 Kms from Roxby. Got pulled over by cops sure enough and breath an drug tested. Once over of Jarmaji’s vehicle. Didn’t dare give J a hard time with two cameras rolling on them all the time. One cop took exception to me filming him filming but didn’t give ground to him. Can imagine J’s situation dreads old car beard and Aboriginal had we not been there. Cops reported to have concrete blocked in and our protestors camp on private land at new base camo. We’ll soon see.

from David Bradbury 8 p.m 12 July Nearing Port Augusta. Four hours south of Roxby. Received word this morning cops now also blockading this southern road from PA to Rox. Cops searching cars and quizzing drivers etc for reason going to Rox. If not ‘legit’ reason, turned back. Welcome to SA police state.

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