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ABC Radio reports that Assange may be granted asylum in Ecuador

UK press fuels Assange asylum speculation  ABC Radio AM Mary Gearin reported this story on Wednesday, August 15, 2012  TONY EASTLEY: There’s speculation in London that WikiLeaks founder Australian Julian Assange will be granted asylum in Ecuador.

Mr Assange has been holed up in the country’s embassy in London for
nearly two months now.

Mister Assange is seeking asylum to avoid extradition to Sweden where
he’s wanted for questioning about allegations of sexual assault.

Correspondent Mary Gearin is in London.  MARY GEARIN: Good morning
Tony. Well this latest flurry of speculation has come over the last
couple of hours because there was a report on the Guardian website,
and that’s a pretty reputable publisher, from a freelance journalist
who said that there was an anonymous, unnamed, Ecuadorian government
official saying Ecuador will grant asylum to Julian Assange.

It was very strongly worded. It went into the reasons for the asylum,
the apparent asylum granting, saying that it was a humanitarian issue,
that they had sympathy for his national, for the national sovereignty
and democratisation of international relations. And that in that
respect it was a very strong article….. at the very least this could
be just a little premature.


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