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Decision on Ecuador asylum for Julian Assange to be stated soon

Ecuador grants Assange asylum: report August 15, 2012 –  Megan Levy WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange will be granted political asylum in Ecuador, according to an official in the South American country, British media is reporting.
The Melbourne man, who is wanted in Sweden over sexual assault allegations, has been holed up at Ecuador’s London embassy since June 19, when he officially requested political asylum.

Officials within Ecuador’s government told The Guardian newspaper in London that president Rafael Correa had agreed to give Assange asylum. “Ecuador will grant asylum to Julian Assange,” an official in Ecuador’s capital Quito told the newspaper.

However, early this morning Australian time, Correa tweeted from his
official account that no decision had yet been made in relation to
asylum for Assange…..

It still remains unclear whether granting Assange asylum will allow
him to fly from London to Ecuador, as Assange faces the prospect of
arrest as soon as he leaves the embassy for breaching his bail
“For Mr Assange to leave England, he should have a safe pass from the
British [government]. Will that be possible? That’s an issue we have
to take into account,” Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patiño told

President Correa yesterday confirmed that reports on Assange’s asylum
application “are ready” and will be reviewed at a meeting between
himself and senior Ecuadorean officials in Quito later today.

“Hopefully, no later than Wednesday, [we will] have the meeting and
hopefully this week we have a statement,” Mr Correa said in television
Foreign Minister Bob Carr said yesterday that the Australian
government had no interest in Mr Correa’s consideration of Assange’s
asylum application.

“That’s a matter between him and Julian Assange,” Senator Carr said.

“I’d just say again – if America were interested in Julian Assange
they could have sought his extradition from the UK at any time in the
last two years.”


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