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Auxstralian Foreign Minister Bob Carr gets the prize for hypocrisy about Julian Assange

Yes indeed – or  is it just stupidity?  – I don’t think so. It’s the public who are stupid, thinks Carr.

In today’s Age, Bob Carr is quoted: “I’d just say again – if America were interested in Julian Assange they could have sought his extradition from the UK at any time in the last two years.”

So Carr is continuing the Australian Government’s disgraceful line ‘  WE DON’T KNOW NUFFINK ABOUT USA PLANNING ESPIONAGE CHARGES AGAINST JULIAN ASSANGE’

Carr surely knows full well that it is a relatively easy matter for the USA to get Assange extradited from Sweden, but it would be a difficult and embarassing matter for USA to try to extradite him from Britain.

If the Justice Department were actually to issue charges against Mr. Assange while he was still in Britain there could be potentially a decision for the UK government whether to extradite him to Sweden or to the United States, and that could get to be a complicated clash between the two different requests which would put the UK government in a difficult position. – John B. Bellinger III on Fox News 
Sweden has not opposed extradition to the US since 2000, SvD, 22 December 2011
 . in Assange’s case, he will be put in detention indefinitely upon arrival. Having Assange in custody since 7 December 2010 in the UK (house arrest) and then in Sweden facilitates the extradition procedure once it is put in motion by the United States (although there are suggestions that a sealed indictment has already been issued).


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