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Video: Diplomatic clash over Assange. Protest in Melbourne

VIDEO   Assange asylum leads to diplomatic clash       

Assange protest hits UK consulate The Age August 17, 2012   Nathan Partenza A small group of Assange supporters assembled outside the building holding placards, one of which read “Let him go you lying bastards” and another “respect Assange’s asylum”.
The group chanted “hands off WikiLeaks, free Julian Assange”.

The group outside the building had grown to about 20 people by 1pm.
The protest was organised by a group called WikiLeaks Australian
Citizens Alliance.
Organiser Jacob Grech said that the protest is peaceful.
“Our message is to let the British commissioner know that Julian is a
Melbourne person and as such we look after our own,” Mr Grech said.
“It’s part of an international movement to let the British Government
know that there are ramifications for their treatment of Julian.”
Australian Federal Police were called to the building and spoke to the
protesters inside the consulate. One of the four demonstrators, Sam
Castro, said they had approached the general inquiries desk to ask
staff about Assange.
“UK consulate officials are refusing to speak to us,’’ Ms Castro said,
“We want to speak to them about their attacks on Ecuador’s sovereignty
that have massive implications for other embassies.” She said police
were in the room with them at the time.
‘‘They’ve suggested that we leave or we may be arrested for
trespassing,” Ms Castro said.
“We’ll stay here until someone from the UK consulate has the courage
to actually stand before us and explain the way they are treating a
sovereign nation and an Australian citizen who hasn’t been charged
with any crime,” Ms Castro said.


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