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Weight of evidence is influencing climate ‘sceptics’ towards understanding climate change

Climate sceptics shifting their views, SARA PHILLIPS ABC 15 AUG 2012 “……..among those who deny that climate change is real, there appears to have been a palpable shift away from a refusal to accept the climate is warming and towards those who doubt the severity of the damage.

It’s a subtle but important shift, and suggests that holding the view that climate change is not occurring is intellectually untenable in the long-term.

American physicist Richard Muller is one climate sceptic who has recently changed his mind after reviewing the evidence.
Muller crunched a bunch of numbers to do with global temperatures and announced in the New York Times that he is a “converted sceptic”. It was this opinion piece in arguably the world’s most influential paper that set tongues wagging about climate change all over again……
Over time, it seems that the weight of evidence is pushing those who disbelieve climate science further and further towards the view of the majority of researchers working in the area. Few so-called climate sceptics now doubt that humans play a role; fewer still doubt that temperatures are rising.

The roadblocks that have slowed or prevented action to reduce the effects of climate change are being smoothed.
While there will always be hold-outs who cling to their own beliefs despite the evidence, the trend away from complete denial can only be positive news for those on the road to addressing climate change.


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