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Australia is slow to cop on to the collapse of the uranium market

Australia’s nuclear/uranium lobby appears to live in a parallel universe. quite distinct from the real one.

Of course, the nuclear lobby world-wide is continuing to desperately hype the future of its now declining industry.  And, of course, Australia’s greedy little nuclear entrepreneurs, like John White,  Ron Walker and Robert Champion de Crespigny, and their politically minded hangers on , Martin Ferguson,  Alexander Downer –   all salivate at the thought of Australia becoming the world’s nuke waste dump.

Still, I expected more self interest from Australia’s uranium lobby, and States politicians.  Don’t they notice what is happening to the uranium market?.    BHP  Billiton and Cameco noticed, and acted to stop wasting shareholders’ money in developing new uranium mines.

But every day in Australia, the media is bombarded with the joy of new uranium mining –  joy in Queensland, in NSW – today it’s Broken Hill looking to the golden future. – Christina Macpherson 22 Sept 12

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No foreseeable future for new uranium mines

End of last month, the price had fallen to US$49.25 and for most of September, it hovered at the US$48 mark. This is almost 60% below the entry level target as calculated by Bannerman. The impact on the development of new mines, is obvious.

 I believe the commodities boom is over, or at least on hold for another five years. In the meantime, no new mines.

Our Anticipated Uranium Projects Will Not Go Ahead, Except One [analysis] Daniel Steinmann All Africa Global Media 22 Sept12, Bannerman Resources, the Australian company driving one of four new uranium projects in Namibia, recently said at a mining conference, the price for uranium U308 needs to be between US$75 and US$90 per pound (0.454kg) to drive any new investment in greenfields uranium mines.

Hidden in this seemingly neutral observation and analysis, are many serious consequences for the further development of the uranium sector Continue reading

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Tor Energy may face legal action against its Wiluna uranium mine plan

Uranium plans may spark legal stoush Sep 21, 2012   The Conservation Council of Western Australia says it will consider legal action to prevent Toro Energy’s proposed Wiluna uranium mine going ahead.

The group says the State Government has not responded adequately to appeals lodged against the project, which is set to become WA’s first uranium mine. The council’s Mia Pepper says the group will pursue a range of avenues to ensure its safety and environmental concerns are addressed. Continue reading

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Australia’s unrecognised radiation victims of Montebello atomic bomb tests

Pat Coverley, now 83, saw most of his shipmates die young, “of various cancers suspected to be linked to radiation”

The [Royal Commission] findings delivered a scathing indictment of the manner with which these tests were conducted

Despite the findings, Drewe says the British and Australian governments have ever since fobbed off allegations that servicemen were exposed to high levels of radiation, making it almost impossible to mount a successful compensation claim.

One man’s island SMH, September 22, 2012 “……..Drewe’s arrival by dinghy to the still-contaminated island
(visit limit: one hour) was the eerie culmination of a lifelong obsession with the Montebello Islands. “It amazes me how few
Australians know about these nuclear tests Britain arrogantly conducted in our backyard,” he declares. Continue reading

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It is rational to fear nuclear weapons and nuclear power

Lies, Damn Lies, and Nuclear Lies The International News Magazine , 22 September 2012      David Swanson USA Our government likes to lie to us about nuclear weapons.  This poor impoverished nation halfway around the world is about to nuke us.  No, that one is.  The result, of course, is mass murder.  But there’s another result potentially even worse.  We begin to think there’s something wrong with being terrified of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

There isn’t.  This stuff should scare the hell out of us.  And the arrogant lunacy of imagining that even an honest and accountable authority, much less our government, could set up a commission to regulate the winds of hell and deadly substances with a half-life as long as the age of the Earth must give us serious pause.

What are we thinking? How are we thinking? Are we thinking?

One Pentagon report documents 563 nuclear mistakes, malfunctions, and false alarms over the years so far — near misses, near apocalypses. Continue reading

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Warning on nuclear war danger in Asia

India-Pakistan dispute may pose nuclear threat to Asia: ex-Oz PM Indian Express  22 Sept 12 Asia continue to face three key conflicts involving states with nuclear weapons and highly uncertain nuclear doctrines, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd warned today.

“Asia Pacific was sprinkled with three flashpoints, each of which was capable of triggering one form of conflict or another,” Rudd said in his keynote address at the Singapore Global Dialogue.

“We must never forget that all three of these disputes involve nuclear states and in some cases, states with highly uncertain nuclear doctrines,” he warned, pointing to the dispute involving India-Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, and the Taiwan Straits……. He called for restrain and reason on behalf of all parties to these disputes though acknowledged that the stakes were becoming increasingly high among claimants of islands in the East Asian waters.

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The new renewable energy industrial revolution – economic success in Germany

German Green on Wind Energy Benefits & Nuclear Phaseout  Clean technica, SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 BY ZACHARY SHAHAN   Here’s a nice bit of a Guardian interview with Cem Özdemir, Chair of the German Green party , that was just published yesterday:
“…….We are looking at a third industrial revolution, and just as there were once those who opposed the invention of the steam engine, there are now those who hark back to nuclear energy. In Germany we now have just over 20% of our energy coming from renewable sources. All predictions from the past have turned out not to be true: when I went to school, my teachers used to say that maybe, just maybe we might have 3% of renewable energy one day. Angela Merkel says we’ll have 35% by 2020; we at the Green party say it’ll be 45%. My guess is: we’ll both be wrong, because it’ll be even more than that….

don’t listen to what the Greens have to say, listen to what Siemens is doing. Siemens are not switching from nuclear to clean energy because they want to lose money: they want to make profit. And I’d warn anyone who questions whether they’ll manage: industrial policy, that’s one thing the Germans know how to get right. If the Brits would rather hand the first mover advantage down to us, then so be it – as a German, I thank them for it. We already cater for many of the markets for renewable energy around the globe, and our future competitors are more likely to come from China than from the other side of the Channel.
In Germany, industry is now starting to thank us for pestering in the past, because it forced them to go through the kind of innovations that the rest of the world is now catching up with. The Brits are still discussing whether they should insulate their houses better in the future, and we insulate them.

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