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Australia is slow to cop on to the collapse of the uranium market

Australia’s nuclear/uranium lobby appears to live in a parallel universe. quite distinct from the real one.

Of course, the nuclear lobby world-wide is continuing to desperately hype the future of its now declining industry.  And, of course, Australia’s greedy little nuclear entrepreneurs, like John White,  Ron Walker and Robert Champion de Crespigny, and their politically minded hangers on , Martin Ferguson,  Alexander Downer –   all salivate at the thought of Australia becoming the world’s nuke waste dump.

Still, I expected more self interest from Australia’s uranium lobby, and States politicians.  Don’t they notice what is happening to the uranium market?.    BHP  Billiton and Cameco noticed, and acted to stop wasting shareholders’ money in developing new uranium mines.

But every day in Australia, the media is bombarded with the joy of new uranium mining –  joy in Queensland, in NSW – today it’s Broken Hill looking to the golden future. – Christina Macpherson 22 Sept 12

September 22, 2012 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, business, Christina reviews, uranium

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