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Australia to work with New Zealand to strengthen nuclear test monitoring

Australia-New Zealand agreement to strengthen nuclear test monitoring. Global Times 29 Sept 12, Government scientists from New Zealand and Australia Friday announced a new agreement to work together to strengthen detection of nuclear explosions under the framework of the international Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

The move would see New Zealand’s Environmental Science and Research
(ESR) working more closely with the Australian Radiation Protection
and Nuclear Safety Agency and Geoscience Australia to enhance their
capabilities to detect nuclear tests.

In New Zealand, ESR operated the National Radiation Laboratory (NRL),
which was part of a worldwide network of national data centers under
the treaty, said a statement from ESR.

NRL program leader Wim Nijhof said in the statement that a range of
data was collected and analyzed to identify a nuclear test, with the
radioactivity monitoring also picking up material from other releases
of radioactive material.

The CTBT International Monitoring System used technologies, including
atmospheric radioactivity monitoring, at more than 60 stations
globally, enabling the national data center to provide early warning
of contamination threats, he said

“As the Fukushima nuclear disaster unfolded last year, NRL scientists
provided advice and assistance to government agencies, industry and
the general public on how to prepare for and protect against any
fallout if it reached our shores,” Nijhof said.

“We can also measure radioactivity levels in food products imported to
New Zealand, as well as providing certificates authenticating levels
of radioactivity in foodstuffs for the New Zealand export market.”….


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