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Melbourne University’s plan for 100% renewable energy for Australia in just 10 years

100% renewable energy in Australia in only 10 years – no carbon tax

Melbourne University has released a 194 page blueprint for how to convert all Australia’s existing power generation to 100% renewable in just 10 years. The report is scientifically based, well researched and takes into account all aspects of such a plan including technology, jobs, upgrades, placement, transitionary effects and it is completely costed.
This country needs a plan that is bold. This country needs a plan that doesn’t involve a massive increase in the cost of living that will do NOTHING to reduce emissions but will ensure coal miners and their union heavies are kept in employment within their polluting industry.
I urge everyone to visit the link I have at the end of the video and below and download the plan. Set yourself a couple of hours to go through it. If you agree with it, email your local member and raise it with them.
It is time this country did something bold, something that will create 10’s of 1000’s of jobs and make the Snowy River Scheme look like a Sunday picnic. This could be our opportunity to show the world what we are capable of and set ourselves up as the global leaders in renewable energy technology.
Please go to the link.


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