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Mournful uranium mining conference in Fremantle

burial.uranium-industryClean energy advocates celebrate while nuclear lobby holds wake in Fremantle 17 Jul 2013   While nuclear power is in retreat around the globe, advocates of clean energy had ‘Better Things To Do’ than protest the Uranium Conference held in Fremantle today – attending the ‘Better Things To Do’ renewable energy industry breakfast. There’s a reason the Australian Uranium Conference shrinks year on year. Nuclear power is in retreat across the globe. Electricity generation from nuclear power plants dropped by a historic seven per cent in 2012, adding to the then record drop of four per cent in 2011,” said Senator Scott Ludlam.

“The world price for uranium has been in free fall since 2007. Uranium accounted for only 0.29 per cent of national export revenue and less than 0.015 per cent of Australian jobs in the decade to 2011.

“WA first proposed uranium mine on a lake bed that floods near Wiluna was analysed by Economists At Large and found only has a business case if Toro can offload clean-up and decommissioning costs to the taxpayer.

“Uranium from Australia was in the four reactors at Fukushima. More than two years since that disaster, there are still 160,000 people evacuated from their homes and their farms as a result of nuclear contamination.

“Western Australia will be a world leader in renewable energy. In the eastern Goldfields and Midwest in particular the emerging solar energy industry could deliver clean energy and sustainable jobs for decades to come. We have exciting developments in wave energy, and a growing wind energy sector. We need to leave uranium in the ground and leave the menace of nuclear power in the past.”

July 23, 2013 - Posted by | General News

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