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Tony Abbott will repeal Australia’s carbon tax ‘within weeks’

Tony Abbott has vowed to repeal the carbon tax within weeks once he is sworn in as prime minister. 9 News 9 Sept 13,  The prime minister-elect will travel to Canberra today, along with senior members of the incoming Coalition government, after spending yesterday in Sydney meeting with some of Australia’s most senior public servants.

Mr Abbott reportedly has already told the head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet he wants to move quickly to implement his agenda. The Daily Telegraph reports Mr Abbott is likely to seek a return to parliament as early as mid-October, and his first act will be introducing a bill to rescind the carbon tax.

“My top legislative priority is scrapping the carbon tax because that will be an adrenalin shot for local business and relief for families too,” he was quoted as saying. He also intends to issue an official order to the Chief of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, to begin turning back refugee boats from Indonesia……..

The Coalition is on track for a 32-seat lower house majority after winning several seats from Labor and independents in Tasmania, NSW and Victoria in Saturday’s federal election. It is still unclear who will have the balance of power in the Senate, however.

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Pretense of Tokyo 2020 as the “Safe Olympic Games”

As Fukushima radiation rages, Tokyo awarded bid to host 2020 Summer Olympics, hilariously named the ‘Safe Games’  September 08, 2013 
by Mike Adams (NaturalNews) Despite the fact that Fukushima is already the worst radiological disaster in human history — and worsening by the day — Japan has been chosen as the host nation for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Hilariously, the event is being billed the “Safe Games” of 2020.

How, exactly, is it safe to host the Olympics in a nation which absolutely no workable evacuation routes from a nuclear facility on the verge of collapsing into another deadly radiation release? The answer to that question is provided by Japan’s Prime Minister Abe. He claims that Fukushima is no problem whatsoever, that no one has ever been harmed by it, and that it is fully under control! (A trifecta, he thinks…)……..


Japan cannot be evacuated

The fact that the Olympic committee chose Japan even while Fukushima rages on, just one earthquake away from a catastrophic collapse and unprecedented release of deadly radiation, tells you just how incredibly stupid the Olympics decision makers really are. (Or how paid off they are, as bribes and corruption have been well documented throughout the history of the Olympics).

Do these people not grasp even the most fundamental concepts of physics? Why would any sane organization vote to host a global event that brings hundreds of thousands of people to a location just a short distance away from a collapsing nuclear power plant that is utterly and completely out of control with no end in sight?

Furthermore, Japan has no workable evacuation plan if Fukushima’s reactor #4 does experience a structural collapse followed by a catastrophic release of radiation. There is no evacuation plan because Japan cannot be evacuated, period. Thus, the strategy of the Japanese government has become one of D-E-N-I-A-L instead of problem solving.

Let’s all pretend radiation is no longer a problem, shall we? Japan is pretending. The U.S. is pretending, and now the Olympic committee is pretending, too. As long as they’re pretending, why not host the Olympics at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power facility? It’s available, after all. And the rent is dirt cheap.



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Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games – a “stress-free event”

Japan-Olympics-fearTokyo’s Olympics ‘win for Aussies’ BY:JACQUELIN MAGNAY IN BUENOS AIRES  The Australian   September 09, 2013 “………– Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had flown to Buenos Aires for the vote directly from the G20 summit to reassure members that the radiation impact at Fukushima nuclear reactor was negligible .

Speaking in English, Abe said: “Some have worries about Fukushima. Let me assure you the situation is under control. It has never done, and will not do, any damage to Tokyo.”……..

Coates said Tokyo won because it was the least troublesome option. “Tokyo won’t have the troubles they are having presently in Rio,” he said.When asked if Australian athletes would have fears about competing in Tokyo because of radiation, Coates was adamant it would not be an issue.

“No, if anyone would be worried about it, it would be the Japanese Prime Minister. He is the one who has given an iron-clad guarantee it won’t be a problem.”………

The decision to go with Tokyo was a clear message from the Olympic movement as it wrestles with construction delays in Rio for the 2016 Olympics and political anti-gay messages in Sochi, host of next year’s Winter Games, that they wanted a stress-free Olympics.

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, failed to convince the IOC to take the Games to a country where the population is predominantly Muslim……. The civil war in neighbouring Syria was also a significant factor, even though the IOC likes to think it has a major influence on world affairs. ….

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First Aboriginal woman elected to Senate – the principled Nova Peris

Peris,-NovaMonths ago, this website criticised Nova Peris, as being “parachuted in” as a laLor candidate for the election. We saw her as a tame puppet for Labor.  How wrong we were!
Nova Peris made clear her prinicipled stand with Aboriginal landowners, against Labor’s planned Muckaty radioactive trash dump: -“I met with the anti-nuclear campaign people and I also met with the NT environment mob, and I have met with the Tennant Creek residents, I have met with the unions and I have met with three of the traditional owner groups,” Ms Peris told the NT News .“In my view I do stand with them in opposing that (nuclear dump).”   Asked if she would cross the floor on issues she felt passionate about she said: “If I felt passionate and that was the right way to do it, then yes.”
AUSTRALIA SEES FIRST ABORIGINAL WOMAN IN PARLIAMENT SYDNEY 7 News 9 Sept 13 (AFP) Former Olympian Nova Peris has become the first Aboriginal woman elected to Australia’s national parliament, a welcome achievement for the centre-left Labor Party which lost power in the polls…… Peris, who identifies with the Kiga People of the East Kimberley, Yawuru People of the West Kimberley (Broome) and Muran People of West Arnhem land in the Northern Territory, is set to be sworn in as a senator at the next sittings in Canberra.

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Australia’s new Abbott government and its love affair with polluting industries

Abbott-Koch-policiesAustralia And Renewable Energy: What Now?  9 Sept 13, Some in Australia’s renewable energy industry will be starting their week scratching their heads as to what to do next. With the Coalition gaining power; there are some knowns, but many unknowns about their plans for renewable energy.

The situation was made more perplexing by the fact the Coalition’s recently released Policy for Resources and Energy left out renewables for the most part; well, almost entirely. However, it did make it clear Australia is about to embark on a re-invigorated love affair with fossil fuels.

For renewable energy, the knowns that have been cobbled together are the scrapping of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and an attempt to reverse the carbon tax.  There will be yet another costly investigation into the health impacts of wind farms; even though multiple studies have debunked so-called Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Money and other resources will be taken from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) by making it responsible for delivering the Coalition’s watered-down “One Million Solar Roofs” rebate. Within the first week of a Coalition government, the new Minister for Resources and Energy will commence work on (yet another) Energy White Paper, which it says will be publicly released within a year. There will also be (yet another) review of the Renewable Energy Target next year – it’s these continual reviews that are believed to be having an impact on dampening investment in renewables in Australia; particularly large scale projects.

The full details of the new Government’s “Direct Action” plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not be known until at least 100 days after the new government is formed and a period of public consulting ends says The Canberra Times. Given the uncertainty over renewables and the renewed love affair with polluting fossil fuels, it would seem for Australian households (like so often in the past), the best time to go solar may be sooner rather than later.

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Mining industry rejoices at Abbott victory, – gloom for renewables industries

Abbott-fiddling-global-warmAbbot Victory A Boon for Miners But Bad for Renewables Sourceable,  – 9 Sept 13 While Australia’s mining companies are no doubt delighted by Abbot’s election victory over the weekend, a Coalition government is likely to hamper the development prospects of the renewable energy sector. – The mining industry will derive major benefit if Tony Abbot follows through with his plan to annul both the mining and carbon taxes introduced by his Labor predecessors. The introduction of the mining tax in particular triggered fervent opposition from Australia’s cash-rich resources sector, and played a pivotal role in Kevin Rudd’s internal ousting in 2010.

Coalition resources spokesman Ian Macfarlane also mentioned tax breaks for smaller exploration companies in the lead up to the election, saying that the Exploration Development Incentive scheme would be introduced on July 1st 2014 in the event of a Coalition victory.
The scheme will permit investors to deduct mining exploration costs from their taxable income, and focus on particular on smaller players undertaking the risky business of mineral exploration.
“Our scheme will target small exploration companies by limiting eligibility to companies with no taxable income and will be capped at $100 over the forward estimates, Mr. Macfarlane said.

In stark contrast to the potential benefits of a Coalition win for the mining industry, the clean energy and renewables sector could face major difficulties with Abbot at the helm – particularly given his past record of climate change skepticism. Continue reading

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New research dispels myth of economical “clean coal”

clean-coal.Renewables Trump Coal + Carbon Capture And Storage  8 Sept 13 UNSW researchers have compared fossil fuel and CCS with renewables and found coal fired electricity’s days may be numbered – the figures simply don’t stack up.

Government estimates of the prices for different generation technologies and fuels in 2030 were used in the research along with a number of possible future carbon and CCS prices.

The results demonstrate coal based electricity generation plus carbon capture and storage are likely to be not competitive with 100 percent renewable energy – and the same would apply to gas with CCS if gas pricing should hit export parity. Continue reading

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