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Australia’s new Abbott government and its love affair with polluting industries

Abbott-Koch-policiesAustralia And Renewable Energy: What Now?  9 Sept 13, Some in Australia’s renewable energy industry will be starting their week scratching their heads as to what to do next. With the Coalition gaining power; there are some knowns, but many unknowns about their plans for renewable energy.

The situation was made more perplexing by the fact the Coalition’s recently released Policy for Resources and Energy left out renewables for the most part; well, almost entirely. However, it did make it clear Australia is about to embark on a re-invigorated love affair with fossil fuels.

For renewable energy, the knowns that have been cobbled together are the scrapping of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and an attempt to reverse the carbon tax.  There will be yet another costly investigation into the health impacts of wind farms; even though multiple studies have debunked so-called Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Money and other resources will be taken from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) by making it responsible for delivering the Coalition’s watered-down “One Million Solar Roofs” rebate. Within the first week of a Coalition government, the new Minister for Resources and Energy will commence work on (yet another) Energy White Paper, which it says will be publicly released within a year. There will also be (yet another) review of the Renewable Energy Target next year – it’s these continual reviews that are believed to be having an impact on dampening investment in renewables in Australia; particularly large scale projects.

The full details of the new Government’s “Direct Action” plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not be known until at least 100 days after the new government is formed and a period of public consulting ends says The Canberra Times. Given the uncertainty over renewables and the renewed love affair with polluting fossil fuels, it would seem for Australian households (like so often in the past), the best time to go solar may be sooner rather than later.

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