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Repost: Peter Cosgrove spruiks “clean” nuclear for BHP Billiton

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove  Amanda O’Brien : The Australian * February 04, 2010 “…………….The former Australian of the Year said he anticipated there would be an outcry but there was no cleaner energy source than nuclear power.(!!)..………General Cosgrove pulled no punches in his speech to the breakfast at the University of Western Australia, which was hosted by major coal producer BHP Billiton.

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove | The Australian

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  1. I note that Cosgrove’s pro-nuclear comments at a breakfast hosted by BHP Billiton were made a little more than a year before the Fukushima nuclear catastrophy. This suggests that Cosgrove was less than well-informed about the dangers of nuclear power and was probably mixing with the wrong people. As a former military chief Cosgrove’s expertise would probably not be in the field of people friendly energy sources like solar and wind. His background however would be consistent with a proposal, from a former Conservative Australian Prime Minister, to build a nuclear reactor as a first step in acquiring nuclear weapons.

    With a bit of luck Cosgrove has now seen the light.


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | January 28, 2014 | Reply

    • Alas, if Cosgrove has seen the light, I am sure that Abbott would not be wanting him for GG.
      Also the outgoing GG has shown a disturbing tendency to have a mind of her own – supporting gay marriage, and a republic for Australia.
      Abbott has made an politically excellent choice, as , especially since Cosgrove became famous – he gives a comforting impression of being a yes man.
      And also, what a good choice for making militarism look OK, and revving up even further the importance of ANZAC Day.!


      Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 28, 2014 | Reply

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